BTS' fourth concert of Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas BTS' fourth concert of Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas

BTS and ARMY had these great moments in PTD On Stage in Las Vegas' fourth date

BTS celebrated the last concert of Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas and the group had a lot of fun with its fandom

BTS and ARMY has an amazing night in the fourth concert of Permission To Dance On Stage, Bangtan is saying goodbye to Las Vegas but the idol group made it unforgettable.

BTS concerts are such a great experience for ARMY, the fandom has a lot of fun when the idol group hits different towns. Even if it's very different now. We had to wait over two years to get back to offline concerts and in that couple years, Bangtan's fandom grew a lot.

So it was hard to get tickets for Bangtan Sonyeondan new shows, but a lot of lucky fans got to see them, since the very first concerts of Permission To Dance On Stage which were celebrated in Los Angeles. Then BTS offered more dates in Seoul and finally, they went back to the US and held some events in Las Vegas.

Four shows in Nevada weren't enough, we can tell, but these concerts made a lot of fans happy, not only those ones who were able to go to the venue, but also for international ARMY who could watch the show online. Bangtan Boys streamed the last date of PTD On Stage in Las Vegas online.

So, how was this last concert of BTS? Here we have the best moments of the night that you need to watch in case you missed it. Or rewatch if you actually were there o watched the online broadcasting.

6 amazing moments from the fourth concert of BTS' Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas

1. Taekook Cinderella

Jungkook and Taekook (AKA Taekook) gave ARMY a Cinderella moment, JK was the prince and V lost his heel, wasn't it cute?

2. Taehyung comforting Jin

Jin was saying that he felt that he was a burden for the team and that made Taehyung feel the need to comfort him with his words, he walked towards Jin and told him he wasn't a burden, OMG <3.

3. Jungkook taking a photo of V

Jungkook took a photo of V in the last soundcheck, it was cute, sorry, we had a lot of Taekook during this las BTS concert.

4. Suga greeting Las Vegas

OMG, Suga, that's it, that's the whole article. LOL, no but, he greeting fans in Las Vegas in the last concert was good, I mean, ARMY lost it when he spoke.

5. Taekook in DNA

OMG, I'm sorry but there was a lot of Jungkook and Taehyung moments during this last concert, I swear, I mean in 'DNA' they were all touchy and they knew ARMY loves it, so... Just, let's enjoy it.

6. Comeback announcement

This is not joke, BTS annouced its comeback at the end of Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas, OMG, the words 'We Are Bulletproof' a new logo and the date: 2022.06.10, ARMY is now so excited!

Keep reading more about BTS and its members like RM who said he's working on a solo album, OMG, we can't hold our excitement, comeback and more music as soloist, is just great! 

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