Is Taehyung a BLINK? Is Taehyung a BLINK?

BTS' V is a big fan of BLACKPINK and these moments prove it

Is Taehyung a BLINK? Here we have some moments of the BTS idol that reveal his fanaticism for BLACKPINK

Does V from BTS like BLACKPINK? We have some moments of the idol that prove the his BLINK side. And we love to see his interactions with BP too!

BTS is the most popular and successful K-Pop group at the moment. Its members have worked hard to achieve the great fame they have today. The songs of this idol group have conquered millions of fans around the world who today make up the great ARMY fandom.

On the other hand, BLACKPINK is also a very famous and popular group all over the world, only this one is made up of only girls. So this girl group demonstrates all the female power in K-Pop internationally. These idols have taken over a large part of the industry and also have their great BLINK fandom.

A lot of fans admire BTS and BLACKPINK and love to see interactions between the members of both groups. There are fans who even dream of both idol groups collaborating on a song and so on, although it may not be entirely possible due to their agencies and the industry itself.

What we have noticed is that Taehyung from BTS likes BLACKPINK, WHAT? Is V a BLINK? Well here we have a compilation of moments in which Tae has shown to be a fan of BP.

5 Moments of BTS' Taehyung being a BLINK, this is how he shows he's a fan of BLACKPINK

1. Taehyung singing Boombayah

'Boombayah' is one of the first songs with which BLACKPINK conquered the world and also Taehyung because here we have a video in which the idol is singing this song. He also dances a bit of the choreography!

2. Playing With Fire

But V not only likes 'Boombayah', he also enjoys other songs like 'Playing With Fire', at the same event he also danced and sang this song during BLACKPINK's performance.

3. Lovesick Girls

Once again Taehyung was caught singing one of BLACKPINK's songs, this time it was 'Lovesick Girls'. Apparently this BTS member really enjoys the girl group's music.

4. Rosé

V has shown to have a lot of admiration for Rosé in some fancams reacting to her while playing the guitar or when she said her speech in English, he was very shocked at how good she is, awww! We love this facet of Taehyung.

5. Jisoo

At the 2017 'Inkigayo K-POP Super Concert', Jisoo and Taehyung were MCs and they had cute interactions there too, V even called Jisoo 'pretty', OMG! Tae is so sweet!

So V really likes BLACKPINK's music and admires the girl group members a lot, as well as being friendly with them, awww! We love these interactions.

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