Jazz songs recomended by V Jazz songs recomended by V

BTS' V has the best Jazz song recommendations for ARMY

Did you know that Taehyung from BTS is a jazz lover? He has recommended these songs for his fans

Jazz is one of BTS V's favorite musical genres, so this idol has recommended many songs of this type of music, here we have some of them.

There are a lot of things that we can admire about BTS and without a doubt there are the musical talents of these idols in the first place. Taehyung, for example, is not only limited to singing and dancing, he also knows how to play some instruments like the trumpet. As well as writing songs for his idol group as well.

V not only loves creating music, this artist also often listens to a lot of music that he really loves and has even recommended some songs for his fans. Especially jazz, since it is a musical genre that this member of Bangtan really enjoys the most. We can't forget his visit to the jazz club slow dancing to the songs.

ARMY knows a lot about Kim Taehyung and the fandom is also always attentive to what he recommends, sometimes it's movies, other times places and even songs. And especially jazz songs, because as mentioned before he likes this music. Have you heard any of his recommendations yet?

Here we have some of the jazz songs that V of BTS has recommended for you, listen to them all and choose your favorite, he really knows a variety of artists and tracks in this music genre.

7 Jazz songs recommended by BTS' Taehyung

1. All Of Me by Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra is such a classic, and Taehyung enjoys from the music of this amazing artist, once he recommended 'All Of Me'. You'll love the voice of this singer, V should probably cover him.

2. I Fall In Love Too Easily by Chet Baker

V really loves jazz and Chet Baker was one of the best artists in this music genre, the idol chose 'I Fall In Love Too Easily', a calm song with a great trumpet solo you'll really like.

3. Unforgettable by Nat King Cole

'Unforgettable' will make your heart flutter, from the very beginning we can listen to the beautiful voice of Nat King Cole, there's no doubt why Taehyung loves this song so much.

4. Moonlight On The Ganges by Ella Fitzgerald

This is such a cool song, Ella Fitzerald has such an amazing voice and the rythm in 'Moonlight On The Ganges' is really smooth but danceable too! This is another V's recommendation.

5. Come Away With Me by Norah Jones

Norah Jones keeps working in her music, she has tried different kinds of music, and for modern jazz she's a good reference, that's why V recommends 'Come Away With Me', a great song.

6. La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong is such an icon in jazz, and we're sure you've listened to this song since it's one of the most popular ones, 'La Vie En Rose', has incredible sounds and a great rythm we all, incluiding Taehyung, love.

7. Love Me Or Leave Me by Nina Simone

You won't only love the rythm of jazz, the lyrics are great too, and 'Love Me Or Leave Me' has something really cool and special, Nina Simon is a great artist too! And V appreaciates her talent.

 So, these are some recommendations by V who loves jazz, there are more playlists created by ARMY, you can get to listen to them too! Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like RM who talked more about his philosophy.

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