BTS have become an international star BTS have become an international star

BTS: The songs that brought them to international fame

If you are a true ARMY you can't miss the most famous songs that made BTS become world superstars

If you are just entering the world of K-pop or even better, you are just entering the fandom of BTS, it is essential that you know which have been the best known songs internationally of the South Korean band.

Surely you also came to this great band thanks to some of these songs, but in case you still don't know them, here we list them for you to become an ARMY.

BTS songs that brought them to world fame 

1. Dinamyte

It was the first single in English that BTS released, this was because BTS wanted to give ARMY a song that would make her forget about the pandemic, for this reason the song was thought in English so that everyone could sing it without any problem. So far, it is one of the songs that marked a step forward in BTS's musical career.

2. Butter

"Butter" is the second single in English that the South Korean band released, this song had many expectations since the legendary rock band "Queen" made a publication about the song of BTS, when the trailer of the song was released you could hear the bit of "Another One Bites The Dust" so there was a lot of expectation about it.

3. Permission to Dance

"Permission to Dance" was their third single in English, which was very well received by the public, the choreography was very simple since they wanted anyone to be able to imitate it without any problem. Also the song was. The song was also very inclusive for people with disabilities as the choreography includes sign language. The song was released on July 9, 2021.

4. Boy With Luv

This song was one of the most successful collaborations of the South Korean band, as it was the first time that the guest artist was featured in an official BTS video. The lucky one to do so was Halsey, who became friends with the band when they were visiting the U.S. The song was. Released on April 12, 2019

5. Mic Drop

"Mic Drop" was a song that was included on the album LOVE YOURSELF:Her, on the B-side of the album. The song was released on November 24, 2017, and was very well received by the public especially when the remix with the remix by Steve Aoki and rapper Desiigner was released.


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