BTS' Suga solo songs that must be on your playlist

In addition to showing his talent with BTS, Suga has an incredible soloist side and these are some of his songs

The members of BTS have proven to be very creative, that's why they participate in the creation of each of their albums. They have gotten into composing melodies that ARMY loves and so they can also perform solo songs for us.

Suga, for example, already has two individual mixtapes, but for this facet he has chosen to be called Agust D. For him, it represents a different side of his music and also of his personality.

This HYBE artist exploits his potential as a rapper through his solo songs and so that you can better understand the singles he has released, we recommend three songs that every ARMY should know.

Best SUGA solo songs, know more about Agust D

1. Daechwita

'Daechwita' was the lead single from his D-2 mixtape and mixed Suga's rap with a traditional Korean vibe through the stills featured in the music video. This MV also surprised ARMY by having the funny performance of BTS' Jin and Jungkook, did you see them?

2. 724148

The name of this song is made up of the route numbers of the buses where it traveled from Daegu to Seoul. Through the lyrics, Yoongi remembers his time as a trainee after joining BigHit. '724148' is something that Suga won't forget.

3. Agust D

This is the name of Suga's first solo mixtape, but 'Agust D' also corresponds to the title of a powerful melody that would introduce this new side of his career.

What's your favorite song by Agust D? Are you looking for new music? You could also fall in love with SEVENTEEN and STRAY KIDS!

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