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BTS' RM songs you need in your 'chill' playlist

The leader of BTS is well known because of his rap talent. RM is a person who knows how to relax and you can notice it through his music. Just check these songs.

Did you know that RM from BTS has his own verb? It is "Namjooning", the art or action to relax. It includes calm activities like visiting museums, having a walk in the woods, reading a book, riding a bicycle, etc.

The leader of Bangtan is famous because of his strong stage presence and his powerful rap skills. However, ARMY already knows that his personality out of the scenarios is chill. 

The music of the rapper also shows his inner character. If you're having a hard day and you want to relax, Namjoon is here for you. These are the best chill out songs. Take a breath and let's begin.

BTS' RM songs are really helpful you to relax

1. seoul (2018)

In 2018 RM dropped his second solo mixtape 'mono.'. It was really different from the previous one. In this project the Idol presented his soft rap.

Seoul it's a track with a deep meaning. RM words explore his opposite emotions for his hometown. Listen to this masterpiece.

2. Bicycle (2021)

Everyone knows RM loves to ride bicycles to have a good time. For his birthday the rapper released a special song inspired by one of his favorite activities.

We can enjoy his warm and raspy voice in this track. It is the best invitation to ride your bicycle in the company of RM.

3. Don't - eAeon feat. RM (2021)

This is a collaboration between eAeon and RM. The words of this track are quite sad. Even though it's a breakup song, the calm beat is relaxing.

Enjoy the beautiful story of the music video and let your soul chill out.

4. forever rain (2018)

What is more relaxing than the rain? RM walks under the rain gavet him tons of thoughts. This feels like an existential conversation with the rapper.

The music video is also art, it is an animation in black and white. We can't decide what is more beautiful, the words, RM voice or the video.

Are these songs helpful?  Let us know, we love them all!

If you prefer to listen to the fierce raps of BTS we have the best recommendation.

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