BTS in the night 2 of Permission To Dance On Stage BTS in the night 2 of Permission To Dance On Stage

BTS' Permission To Dance On Stage had the best moments in its 2nd date

BTS had the best moments with ARMY on the second night of Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul, did you miss them?

ARMY can finally enjoy BTS live and Permission To Dance has the best moments, here are some of them. The second night of this series of concerts had great surprises for the group and their fans.

With Permission To Dance On Stage, BTS is reaching out to their fans once again. This tour, if we can call it that, has already taken two cities. At the end of 2021, the boy band made an appearance in Los Angeles to start with their face-to-face concerts and at the end of the 4 sold-out dates at the venue, they announced more shows but only for Seoul.

The best thing is that not only Seoul will have more Bangtan Sonyeondan, because the idol group has already announced more dates for PTD On Stage, these will once again take them to the US, the members of this group will take Las Vegas on four other dates for ARMY. Excitement is running high as fans really want to see the K-Pop group again.

But without going further in time and concentrating on the present, when BTS is giving their concerts in Korea. For Seoul, Bangtan prepared three dates and two of them have already taken place, the first one had great moments that everyone loved. But the second has not been far behind.

Here are some of the best moments from the second night of BTS Permission To Dance On Stage, in case you missed this great show or just want to relive it.

Best moments of BTS in the second night of Permission To Dance On Stage

1. The rain

Heaven got jealous of ARMY and BTS? Well, maybe yes, because the rain made an appearance on this second night, but not even these inclement weather stopped the Bangtan show and enjoyed the stage with his fans.

It rained at the BTS concert | Twitter: @bts07ddaeng

2. ARMY's creativity

ARMY not only shone during the concert with their ARMYBOMB, but also for their great creativity, as fans wore costumes, blankets and much more in honor of the idols who were going to perform on stage.

ARMY is full of creativeness | Twitter: @jmonlyjm

3. Taehyung's ring

Taehyung chose the best time to give Jungkook a ring, WHAT? Awww, their friendship is so beautiful and Tae decided to give this little gem to the Golden Maknae. It should be noted that V's parents were in the audience, OMG.

Taehyung gave Jungkook a ring | Twitter: @boys_bangtiny

4. The red and white outfits

All BTS outfits are just amazing but these ones that used red and white color had a big impact on ARMY, the idols looked pretty good with these ones.

These were some amazing outfits | Twitter: @JessicaV1230

5. Suga at the soundcheck

Although it was not directly at the concert, but at the soundcheck, Suga appeared and looked amazing in an outfit that seemed very simple but looked very good on him. ARMY will remember this iconic Yoongi before the show.

Suga's soundcheck look | Twitter: @JoannaSabanto01

This was something we highlighted on the second night of PTD On Stage In Seoul, which will be broadcast in theaters around the world in just a few hours. 

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