Jimin has some songs as soloist Jimin has some songs as soloist

BTS' Jimin solo songs that show more of his lovely voice

Even if Jimin from BTS is an amazing dancer, he's also a great singer and his solo songs prove it

Jimin shines with all of his talents on studio and on stage and his solo songs will make you fall in love with this BTS' member's voice.

Park Jimin is one of the members from BTS, he has a special talent as a dancer, since he was pretty young he loved to dance and wanted to become a professional back when he was in Highschool. One of his teachers helped him so he could convince his parents to let him make his dream come true.

That's how Jimin auditioned for different contests and then he became a trainee for BigHit Entertainment; he'd work hard on his skills to improve them and be a part of Bangtan Sonyeondan. That's how he got to be not only a dancer for the idol group but also one of its vocalists.

How's Mochi as a singer? This idol has a beautiful voice which gives amazing vibes and a unique style to every BTS' song. His lines are powerful and meaningful and he surprises fans with his way of singing. And his beautiful talent can be seen even as a soloist.

Jimin has some solo songs that show more of his voice and great talent for singing, add them all to your playlist and enjoy everything about the melodies this BTS member has released.

5 Jimin's solo songs which show how beautiful his voice is

1. Filter

This is a song from BTS' album 'Map Of The Soul: 7', 'Filter' has a big message from Jimin to the world and he wanted to show the purest self with this one. He talks about the filters which can be perspectives for everyone. The idol has tones adventurous and challenging tones on this track.

2. Serendipity

This has become one of ARMY's favorite songs, 'Serendipity' was realeased in 'Love Yourself: Answer', the whole track is taken by Jimin's precious voice that make a beautiful combination with its beats.

3. Lie

This song is from 'Wings' a great BTS' album which has a lot of successful tracks, and 'Lie' is one of them, with Jimin's voice which is full of feelings, it'll hit you really strong when you listen to it.

4. Promise

'Promise' has this great melody using an acustic guitar which is perfect for Jimin's voice to shine through the whole track. ARMY loves to listen to Jimin's sweet voice which shows another side of this artist.

5. Christmas Love

Jimin released 'Christmas Love' as a special song flor Christmas and ARMY enjoyed this celebration with the idol's voice and this carol which is perfect for his fans during Winter.

That's how Jimin's voice shines in his solo songs, which one is your favorite? He's an amazing talent as a singer.

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