Jimin got these new tattoos, find out their meanings Jimin got these new tattoos, find out their meanings

BTS' Jimin got new tattoos and these are their meanings

Jimin has new tattoos that ARMY could see during BTS' most recent concert, what are they and what do they mean?

Jimin likes tattoos since this BTS got them some time ago, and now he has new designs on his skin that give him a new style, what tattoos did he get and what are their meanings?

The style of the idols of BTS is made up of various features, it's not only about the outfits that they usually wear from expensive and prestigious brands, but also the bearing that they themselves give, the combinations, their own stamp and much more that makes them look unique and with looks that everyone would like to steal.

Another feature of the style of the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan are their tattoos, although not all of them have this type of design on their skin, Jimin is one of the artists who has ventured to have something with himself forever and express himself through these on different parts of your body.

Jimin's tattoos have a meaning of their own and reveal a little more about this artist. A few days ago, ARMY realized that maybe Jimin and Jungkook would have new tattoos, since a tattoo artist posted an picture of his studio where the autographs of both Bangtan idols could be seen.

And it turned out to be true because at today's BTS concert, Jimin appeared with his new tattoos and ARMY couldn't stop seeing them, what are these new tattoos on the idol's skin? The fans have already given them a meaning that can be applied, here we tell you.

Jimin from BTS got these new tattoos, what do they mean?

1. The Moon

Jimin got a new tattoo of the moon, it's not a full moon but one of its phases and it was the same as the day BTS debuted. ARMY thinks that's why Mochi got this new desing, but if this wasn't the reason why, then it's one of the best coincidences.

Jimin's new tattoo of the moon | Twitter: @shotoslovechild

2. Signature

It seems like Jimin got a tattoo of a signature, it's behind his ear, ARMY tought that it was Jungkook's signature, but the true is that it's Jimin's signature, since they look a little bit alike and both idols names start with 'J'.

Jimin's new signature tattoo | Twitter: @JJK_KTH6

These are Jimin's new tattoos and their meanings, which one do you like the most? Both are just pretty cool.

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