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BTS' Jimin best performances that prove he is a great dancer

Jimin is one of the best dancers among BTS members. These are some of the greatests moments of the skilful Idol on stage.

BTS has conquered the world with their great music. At the same time, their performances are also a powerful reason for their massive success. No matter what genre they chose they alway present flawless shows for the public. Maybe with a hip hop track like "Mic Drop" or a disco based song like "Dynamite", they never disappoint.

For special occasions the group put the spotlight on one of the guys to let his talent shine. Among BTS members Jimin stand out because of his awesome and delicate dance style. Today we have for you some of his best moments on stage with solo performances. Are you ready?

BTS Jimin taking the stage with solo performances, the best shows

1. 'I Need U' Jimin solo performance (2019)

In 2019 BTS performed a massive show for the Melon Music Awards. For the intro of "Dionysus" Jimin took the stage with an instrumental versión of the iconic song "I Need U".

Wearing all white and dancing around fabric the Idol offered an hypnotical performance. He moves like gravity doesn't exist, he's basically flying.

2. Filter (2020)

Jimin's solo song "Filter" is part of the BTS album "MAP OF THE SOUL: 7". Due to the pandemic situation the group offered an online concert in 2020, and it was the perfect moment for the performance debut of filter.

This is one of the favorite Jimin presentations among ARMY. It is a sexy song that fits perfectly the charisma of the singer. Also it includes a little bit of magic. Check the video to understand what we meant.

3. Black Swan Jimin's solo (2020)

We are sure Jimin could be a contemporary dancer if he wants to. On multiple occasions the artist has proven himself as a skilful professional dancer. 

For "Black Swan" Jimin worked in a solo performance that we can see in the music video of the song. We hope one day we could see this presentation on stage.

Did you enjoy it? What is your favorite Jimin's dance style?

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