Jimin and V have a very valuable friendship Jimin and V have a very valuable friendship

BTS' Jimin and Taehyung, 3 wonderful moments of their friendship

BTS has shown us how close they are, but Taehyung and Jimin overcome any adversity because they are the best friends in the band.

The members of BTS have shown ARMY that more than being co-workers, they are a real family, and the guys have always shown their love and support for each other, and have been able to overcome difficult moments as a group on different occasions, many of them in their days as trainees, when they barely knew each other.

Of course the members have had some fights, or disagreements either in the professional field or even "normal" arguments as any family usually has, like leaving something out of place, eating something that wasn't theirs, etc. Despite all these conflicts BTS has overcome them one by one and even though there have been disagreements at other times, the guys have proven to be a true family.

The 7 members of the band have talked about how they usually settle their conflicts so that this does not affect them when it comes to performing but the group has also been able to show the public the good times, those times when the members themselves support each other when they are going through the loss of a family member, when those days of loneliness come or when they simply feel pressured or tired. 

Although BTS has shown their friendship multiple times in front of the camera, one of the friendships that has come out the most is that of Taehyung and Jimin, who have been best friends since before debuting with BTS, so here we bring you some wonderful moments where they both showed their beautiful friendship.

1. Taehyung's letter to Jimin 

During the filming of the acclaimed "Bon Voyage" series, the Bangtan Boys expressed their feelings to their friends in the band, and all 7 members received a letter, but the one that attracted the most attention and even tears was the one that V gave to Jimin.

In the letter, in tears Tae mentioned to Jimin how grateful he was to have his support during the hardest days they had as trainees, that when Tae cried Jimin sat next to him and comforted him. He also mentioned that Tae advocated for Jimin to stay in the group because he wanted his best friend to be part of this great adventure. Oh how cute! We leave you the full letter in the video below.


2. Jimin comforts Tae 

During the special concert that BTS held for ARMY "3rd Muster", V shared to ARMY how sad he was for the loss of his grandmother, as she had raised him and his grandmother's dream was to see him on TV. However, Tae's grandmother became ill and died a few days after Tae gave this concert together with BTS and was unable to show his grandmother the artist he had become. In tears, Tae explained this emotional news and when Jimin finished, he immediately ran to hug him to comfort Tae. 


3. Tae mourns the loss of his grandfather

In Bon Voayage Malta season, Tae cries once again but this time it was because of the death of his beloved grandfather. The first to notice this is J-Hope, who immediately alerts Jimin to go see him. Jimin approaches Tae, wiping his tears and comforting him. This touching moment can be seen in the third season of Bon Voyage, we leave you the link of the teaser below. 

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