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BTS' J-Hope perfect songs you need to brighten your day

The main dancer of BTS J-Hope is a cheerful person. His music can reflect the personality of the artist so these songs will get you in a better mood.

If you're having a bad day, watching some videos of J-Hope could be helpful. The rapper is well known for his friendly and energetic personality. When he is with the rest of the BTS members we can see him trying to make his friends laugh.

He had the ability to make people smile with his bright behavior. At the same time, the rapper can use this talent through his music. He not only can offer awesome performances with his dance, he also knows how to write songs to send energy to the public. Let's check some of them.

BTS’ J-Hope songs to gain energy

1. BTS - Outro : Ego (2020)

All the tracks in the BTS album MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 are complicated. The meaning behind this album is deep. However, the group gave us some great hits to dance.

The Outro is a J-Hope solo song. Ego is full with the fast rap of the Idol while he is talking about some existential issues. But of course he knows how to make you vibe even with deep words. Are you ready to dance?

2. Daydream (2018)

In 2018 J-Hope released his album "Hope World".As soon as you see the colorful cover you can notice the taste of the rapper. The whole album should be in you "better mood" playlist.

Daydream is a song that feels softer compared to the previous song in this list. Anyway, no one can avoid following the beat of the track. The chorus will be living in your mind forever.

3. Chicken Noodle Soup (2019)

This is a remake of a 90' hip hop song. The J-Hope version has a lot of himself, it feels cheerful but with a touch of critique. The latin singer Becky G participated with some words in English and Spanish. Such a combo!

If that is not enough, the choreography is amazing, it is not that difficult and is pretty fun at the same time. Check the music video and dance with J-Hope.

We love all the music of J-Hope! Which song is your favorite?

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