J-Hope from BTS J-Hope from BTS

BTS' J-Hope has these jaw dropping performances that will surprise you

We have the best compilation of J-Hope on the scenarios. You are going to love his unbelievable stage presence.

Did you know that behind all of BTS performances J-Hope is monitoring everything? Previously the leader of the group RM has said that Bangtan wouldn't be what it is today without the talent and dedication of J-Hope.

Today let's explore a little bit of the gigant J-Hope has. These performances are a great introduction to fall in love with his stage presence.

The best performances to enjoy  the multiple talents of J-Hope

1. Trivia 起 : Just Dance

In 2019 BTS held one of their biggest concerts at the Wembley stadium in London. We need to appreciate how much J-Hope loves to perform.

During this show we can see and even feel the passion of the Idol while he is dancing and rapping.

2. BTS at the MAMA 2014

Let's go back in time in 2014 BTS took the MAMA stage with another big group, BlockB. The whole performance is amazing but today let's focus on Jimin and J-Hope duet.

The unforgettable Hip Hop break dance of J-Hope made every single person in the crowd crazy. Don't you believe us? Just check the video in the minute 2:35.

3. UGH!

Now let's talk about the powerful rap of J-Hope. He has various songs where he performs a fast rap.

Today we chose UGH! because here you can feel the charisma of J-Hope, and the rest  of the rap line as well. Are you ready to see the fiercest of J-Hope?

4. EGO

J-Hope has a big talent to create songs that can make everyone dance. EGO has deep lyrics and symbols but it is perfect to vibe. Just follow J-Hope's energy.

5. Chicken Noodle Soup

We  know this in not a solo performance of J-Hope. This cheerful song has the unique personality of the Idol. Even though all BTS members are singing it, it's obvious they are influenced by Hoseok.

This performance is awesome! Your mood will be better after watching it.

What is your favorite moment of J-Hope? We have to give an honorable mention to his solo at the 64th Grammys ceremony.

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