BTS Island: In The Seom characters BTS Island: In The Seom characters

BTS Island: In The Seom introduces the characters for this new video game

BTS Island: In The Seom is a new mobile game by BTS and the members have their own characters in this new universe

ARMY gamer will be very happy since BTS released a new mobile video game, did you download it? If you haven't played it yet, here are all of its characters.

BTS has mulple universes, we can see how the idol group built a lot more for fans, they have this line on MVs which shows us a great side of the idols but in another dimension. Bangtan It also has its own webtoons, without forgetting video games where we can discover even more of everything that is part of this alternate universe created for ARMY.

And precisely the world of video games has been invaded by Bangtan Sonyeondan with his mobile game 'BTS Island: In the Seom'. With the cutest characters of the idols, they will take over the screens of the fans who get this new video game and spend hours of fun with these idols.

In 'BTS Island: In the Seom', the Bangtan Boys have their person in chibby, lol, in addition to that they will also live new adventures but not too far from reality since we could see them with their outfits that they used in Butter, doing of this little new universe something more realistic for the fans.

Meet the BTS characters in their new mobile video game, here we leave you the introductions that each one has in this new universe.

Meet each BTS member's character in their video game 'BTS Island: In The Seom'

1. RM

RM it's a very reliable leader who reveals all his power when others need it, but he has a secret, can we discover it in the video game?

RM in BTS Island in the Seom | Twitter: @LittleSevenClub

2. Jin

Jin defines himself as an optimist on BTS Island, he will help anyone feel better with his cheerful vibes. And he is also a great cook.

Jin is optimistic in BTS Island | Twitter: @LittleSevenClub

3. Suga

Suga in BTS Island | Twitter: @LittleSevenClub

is 'the chill one', maybe sometimes someone is missing who is as chill as Yoongi in BTS Island. Although he seems like someone cool, he is also a very sweet person.

4. J-Hope

J-Hope will infect everyone with his great personality and enthusiasm for everything, he is the dancer of the group who loves to work and puts great energy into whatever he does.

J-Hope's character | Twitter: @LittleSevenClub

5. Jimin

Jimin defines himself as someone charming and we can't deny it, he also says that he likes to keep the team together and encourage his teammates.

Jimin in BTS Island | Twitter: @LittleSevenClub

6. Taehyung

The big heart of Taehyung is reflected in the BTS video game and with his character he seeks to make the island a comfortable place for everyone in the group.

Taehyung in the new BTS video game | Twitter: @LittleSevenClub

7. Jungkook

Although Jungkook is the baby of BTS, the truth is that he also has a proactive personality and you can see him in BTS Island very well.

Jungkook's character | Twitter: @LittleSevenClub

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