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BTOB's Minhyuk K-Dramas, get to know all about this idol's acting career

Did you know that Minhyuk from BTOB is also an actor? He has acted in a lot of dramas, here we recommend some of them

There are a lot of idols which are not only passionate for music, and they tend to work as actors too, one of them is BTOB's Minhyuk and here we have some of his dramas that you might like. Get to know more about this idol's career as an actor.

BTOB is a group full of talent, the idols from this band are truly amazing as dancers, vocalists and rappers. They've been working hard over the years for Melody, the loyal fandom of these great artists in K-Pop industry. The best about them is that they won't only work as stars, and they get to reach other fields as models or MCs for shows on Korean television.

There are also some BTOB members which have been working as actors, did you know that? These guys are pretty talented in front of cameras. One of those ones is Lee Minhyuk, who is an amazing singer and dacer for his idol group, but he also has a lot of abilities for acting. He debuted in 2013 in the drama 'Reckless Family 2', since then the idol was added in more and more projects for television and cinema.

Minhyuk has a great charisma for cameras and that's why he's been acting for quite a few years now, some of his productions are webdramas, there are some which we can watch on Netflix and he didn't get limited, he has different roles which show his capabilities and great adaptability to embody different personalities on each K-Drama or movie.

So, here we have some of Minhyuk's dramas, you need to watch these ones to get to know he's career in acting better, we know he'd surprise you with his skills and you'll also love all of these stories which the idol acted in.

5 BTOB's Minhyuk dramas you need to watch to get to know his talent as an actor

1. Nightmare Teacher

Year: 2016
Starring Kim So Hyun and Lee Minhyuk

This one is about a weird school, it seems to be magical since all of the students' dreams tend to come true. They will try to find what is wrong with their school, will they unveil the truth?

Nightmare Teacher | Twitter: @bndxv

'Nightmare Teacher' starring BTOB's Minhyuk has an incredible story.

2. After the Show Ends

Year: 2016
Starring Yoon So Hee and Ha Suk Jin

This is a very interesting kind of drama since it's like watching how they record a K-Drama inside this one, they work in a series about a woman who seems like someone pretty normal at day but she turns into something else at night.

Watch 'After the Show Ends' which has a special and interesting story and BTOB's Minhyuk acts in it too.

3. Unexpected Heroes

Year: 2017
Starring Lee MInhyuk, Choi Jong Hoon and Kim So Hye

This story tells us about 3 people who received transplants from the same donor. It seems like everything was alright until they find out that they're developing superpowers, that's when they get together and fight criminals, will something stop these new heroes?

Unexpected Heroes | Twitter: @Btob_Mel

Watch 'Unexpected Heroes' which has an amazing story for you. 

4. Dae Jang Eum is Watching

Year: 2018
Starring Shin Dong Wook and Kwon Yu Ri

This K-Drama is about the descendants of Dae Jang Eum who was the first woman which became a doctor for the royal family in Korea, that's why these 3 brothers have special abilities.

Watch 'Dae Jang Eum is Watching' and find all of Minhyuk's talent as an actor.

5. Number 6

Year: 2018
Starring Lee Minhyuk and Baek Seo Yi

This one is about a group of 6 friends who were together before going to college, then they reunite and now are able to tell a lot of secrets and confessions that they couldn't reveal before, what will happen?

Number 6 | Twitter: @BTOB_archives

Watch 'Number 6' and discover more about Minhyuk's talent.

Keep watching dramas, we have some starred by Ji Chang Wook that you'll love to watch.

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