BLACKPINK's Jennie for W Korea BLACKPINK's Jennie for W Korea

BLACKPINK's Jennie's most iconic outfits that prove she is a fashion icon

BLACKPINK is a K-Pop group with an awesome fashion taste. These Jennie outfits are unforgettable!

BLACKPINK debuted using the girl crush concept that we all love. However, its debut songs "WHISTLE" and "BOOMBAYAH" showed the members were edgy clothes inspired a little bit by the pop-punk style.

For the next comeback, the singers came closer to their distinctive style. Nowadays, these gorgeous Idols are well known for wearing high fashion on and off stage. All the members work in collab with the most prestigious house designs.

Since her rookie days, Jennie showed her big interest in the fashion world. She is always shocking BLINK with wonderful outfits. No matter if she is working or she is on a day off, her fashion taste never fails.

Since she is a popular influencer, the eyes of the world are looking at Jennie to see what new trend she will create. The title fashion icon is perfect for the Idol. If you have any doubts about it, just check these iconic outfits.

The greatest BLACKPINK' Jennie's outfits

1. Coachella

In 2019 BLACKPINK rocked the Coachella stage. The outfits of all the members were amazing. Anyways, Jennie's one for the first concert is unforgettable!

Jennie at the Coachella festival 2019 / Twitter @bpinkscat

2. Pink outfit in Hawai

Jennie loves to attend fashion shows. For this one, she wore a pink crop top and a skirt of the same color. Also, her Le Sac bag fits the concept perfectly!

Jennie at the Jacquemus Fashion Show in Hawai / Twitter @Bp_revolution4

3. Chanel Mini Skirt

As you may know, Chanel really loves Jennie, just as much as she loves this luxury brand. The Idol has tons of great outfits by this house. Today we are recalling this white mini skirt. She is a visual dream!

Jennie wearing Chanel / Twitter @JENNIERATIONS

4. Red dress - Solo

Jennie's solo debut was a whole fashion show. Is not easy to say what was her best outfit during this age. However, this red dress by Johanna Ortiz was all over the Internet. She looked awesome!

Jennie performing solo / Twitter @BPINKLATINO

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