Things you didn't know about BLACKPINK Things you didn't know about BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK fun facts that you should know if you are a real BLINK

Do you consider yourself a true BLINK? Check it out with this list of curiosities about the band

Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé have become the queens of K-pop. Since they debuted in 2016, they haven't stopped collecting hit after hit and surely you can't get the choruses of "How You Like That", "Pretty Savage" among others out of your head either. BLACKPNK has had many accomplishments throughout their short musical career but if you consider yourself a true BLINK you need to know these 5 fun facts about the band.

5 Fun Facts about BLACKPINK

1. It wasn't going to be called BLACKPINK

Before their official debut, the girls had a few options for naming the group. At the beginning they were not the 4 members that we know today but at the beginning it was programmed that they were 9 members for what the group was going to be called "Aphrodite 9", nevertheless 5 of the girls desisted of the group and they ended up alone Rosé, Jisoo, Lisa and Jennie. Some of the options they were given were "Pink Punk" but they finally settled on BLACKPINK, which represented a contrast between pink which is feminine and Black which represents a strong attitude. Can you imagine if the girls said "Pink Punk in your area? 

2. The most millionaire of the group 

All the members of BLACKPINK in addition to their music earn income from their contracts as brand ambassadors among other deals with different brands. It is well known that Jennie is an ambassador for Chanel, Rosé for St Laurent, Jisoo for Dior but Lisa is the one who has done the best in this field. 
Our dear Lisa has a net worth of 10 million USD, due to the fact that she is an ambassador for Prada and Céline. She also works with Bulgari and MAC so the rapper has a higher income than the rest of the band.

3. Hidden talents

They all have an exceptional talent when it comes to music, but Rosé undoubtedly stands out for being a good sportswoman, as she is a good basketball player, practices horseback riding and archery.

4. How many languages does BLACKPINK speak

Almost all the members speak more than two languages, Rosé speaks Korean, English and Japanese as well as Jennie, while Jisoo speaks Japanese and Korean, however the one who knows more languages is Lisa because she knows Thai, Chinese, Japanese, English and Korean, although Lisa in her days of trainee could not speak Korean, Jennie helped her to understand the indications of the teachers during the training since Jennie was the only one who spoke English

5. BLACKPINK and Hollywood

BLACKPINK was part of the soundtrack of the trilogy "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" a film that can be enjoyed through Netflix. During the second installment of the film you can hear "Kill This Love" and in the third "Pretty Savage".

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