BLACKPINK when they were babies BLACKPINK when they were babies

BLACKPINK baby pictures that will brighten up your day with their cuteness

What were the members of BLACKPINK like as babies? Here we have the cutest photos of the idols

Get to know the earliest stage of the BLACKPINK members with these photos from when the idols were babies, they looked super cute.

BLACKPINK is a group that has conquered millions of fans around the world with the talents and abilities of its members. Each of them has proven to be a super bright star both in the studio and on stage. Their teamwork also stands out.

But we can also know and see more facets of these artists with their personalities, off stage, in interviews, variety shows and other content, the BP girls have let us see a new face that BLINK appreciates and admires as much as it does with their songs and performances.

Each of the BLACKPINK members has a different background and background, many of them living outside of Korea even before they joined as YG Entertainment trainees. Their lives were linked by destiny by being part of this great K-Pop girl group.

But if we go back further, we can learn a bit about BLACKPINK and its early history. So here we have some photos of the group members when they were babies, they are so cute, you won't be able to stop looking at them.

These photos show how the members of BLACKPINK were when they were babies

1. Jisoo

Jisoo was a super cute baby, she was born on January 3, 1995 and that's how she looked in her earliest stage when she was barely a baby, isn't she sweetest thing in the world?

Jisoo as a baby | Pinterest: @bananasna

2. Jennie

On January 16, 1996 Jennie from BLACKPINK was born, do you want to know what she was like as a baby? Here we have a very cute photo of the idol.

Baby Jennie | Twitter: @JENNIE_Queen_J

3. Rosé

Rosé was born on February 11, 1997, since she was a baby she was very pretty and we can't stop looking at this photo of the idol, look how small she used to be.

Rosé as a baby | Pinterest: @bihubhibhi

4. Lisa

Baby Lisa will give you a lot of tenderness, she was born on March 27, 1997 in Thailand and this is how this great star was in her first stage.

Lalisa when she was a baby | Twitter: @caaryl_m

BLACKPINK idols as babies were super cute, we can't help but admire them. It's the cutest thing you'll see today.

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