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BL K-Dramas in which K-Pop idols have appeared

We know that there are a lot of idols who are also actors, which of them have appeared in BL dramas?

Many of our favorite idols are also professional actors and take on a lot of roles that show us more of their skills in front of the cameras, like in these BL dramas where we have seen K-Pop artists acting.

We know very well that K-Pop has multi-talented artists who specialize in various things, not just music. That is why idols tend to work in a lot of other jobs. They can be models, MCs, and there are even many who are actors and appear in countless dramas.

So we can enjoy our favorite Korean artists even more in K-Dramas. There are some of them who have a long career like 2PM's Taecyeon or EXO's D.O. Others who have become extremely popular like ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo or SF9's Rowoon, however all idols who are also actors put their all into their work.

This is why there are a lot of idols who definitely like to take on roles that challenge their careers. That's why we've even seen idols in BL dramas. Those in which two guys have an affair and discover their feelings for someone of the same sex.

Did you know that there are idols who have appeared in BL K-Dramas? Here we have some of them who have given their best in these plots.

5 BL dramas our favorite K-Pop idols Have acted in

1. Tinted With You

Year: 2021
Starring A.C.E's Jun and ATO6's Yoo HyunWoo

This drama is about a high school boy who somehow travels back in time through a painting. There he will meet an exiled prince who is in danger and will venture on a mission with him and his protector, how will love be born in this story?

Tinted With You | Twitter: @kblsubteam

'Tinted With You' has two idols in its cast, so you better watch it. 

2. Color Rush

Year: 2020
Starring Yoo Jun and THE BOYZ's former member Hur Hyunjun

In this series there are two types of people, some who cannot see color and others who actually make these color blind people see all shades. This is how a couple of guys meet and change each other's lives.

You can watch 'Color Rush', which has a great story.

3. Semantic Error

Year: 2022
Starring DONGKIZ's Park JaeChan and KNK's former member Park SeoHam

This is an amazing BL drama in which two boys meet with a school project that they actually didn't do together because one of them was irresponsible. This made him unable to graduate from school and now he will want to take revenge on his classmate... although there is only one step from hate to love.

Semantic Error | Twitter: @boyslovetv

We all loved 'Semantic Error'

4. Behind Cut

Year: 2022
Starring 2Z's BumJun and Eom Se Ung

This BL drama is about a boy who dreams of being a great world-class designer, and another who doesn't usually have big dreams but loves to support and brighten the days of those around him.

You can watch 'Behind Cut' with some of the 2Z idols.

5. Crush Of Spring

Year: 2022
Starring B.A.P's Yoo Youngjae and Kim Song

This drama is historical and it is about a man who while looking for firewood thought that a woman was drowning, so he goes to save but in reality it is not a girl, but a boy who is in fact disguised as a woman.

Crush Of Spring | Twitter: @BLUPDATE2022

'Crush Of Spring' stars a B.A.P idol, a legendary boy band.

Keep watching more K-Dramas, here we have some with ghosts in their plots. 

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