BL K-Dramas for you to watch on Viki BL K-Dramas for you to watch on Viki

BL K-Dramas available on Viki, check out the best of these great love stories

What BL dramas can you watch on Viki? Here we have some Korean series with this theme that are available on the platform

Viki is a great option to watch K-Dramas, so here we recommend some BLs that you can watch from the platform, choose your favorite!

Korean dramas have endless surprises and adventures for fans who enjoy this type of series. And there are many themes, romance, fantasy, terror, comedy and much more with which each fan can find a different but equally interesting story in each production.

The best thing is that more and more platforms are adding K-Dramas to their catalogues. Like Viki, which is a site and app that really specializes in Asian TV shows. In this place we not only find dramas, but also some variety shows and the platform has created its own original and exclusive series as well.

So there are many dramas to watch on Viki, among them we can find BL Korean dramas where we will see a couple of guys discovering their feelings for each other and finding the way to have a relationship even though it might not be so accepted. This type of K-Dramas has become very popular.

Here we have some BL K-Dramas that you can watch on Viki, these series are available on the platform so that you can fully enjoy them.

6 Korean BL Dramas you can watch on Viki, watch their intense romances

1. The Tasty Florida

Year: 2021
Starring Yoo Hwan and Cha Woo Min

This BL is about a guy who travels to the city in order to study and work, he loves in this place that has a rooftop restaurant and he starts working there but there might a problem since both of the owners have feelings for him.

'The Tasty Florida' is available on Viki, so you better watch it.

2. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Year: 2022
Starring Ok Jin Uk and Kang Hee

This drama tells the story of a woman who adopted her best friend's son after her death, she also has a son of the same age but they won't get along well at the beggining. Then in the last year of highschool they get to be closer than before and their feelings might grow now.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter | Twitter: @centralboyslove

Watch 'Cherry Blossoms After Winter' and its lovely story on Viki. 

3. Light On Me

Year: 2021
Starring Lee Sae On and Kang You Seok

This one is about a guy who has no friends in school so his student advisor will help him get to the school board and maybe he'll get more than one friend there. He'll go through a love triangle and will have to choose later.

'Light On Me' has a cool story for you, watch it on Viki.

4. Tinted With You

Year: 2021
Starring Park Jun Hee and Yoo Hyun Woo

This is a BL fantasy drama in which a highschool student gets to travel to the past through a painting on a wall. Then he gets to meet a prince whose life is in danger and he might be his saviour somehow.

Tinted With You | Twitter: @blisanewblack

You can watch 'Tinted With You' and enjoy all of his story. 

5. Where Your Eyes Linger

Year: 2020
Starring Han Gi Chan and Jang Eui Soo

On this drama we get to know a couple of guys who have been together for a long time since one of them is the bodyguard of the other. But the truth is that they have feelings for each other and someone will try to get them apart.

'Where Your Eyes Linger' has a great story for you and it's available on Viki.

6. Semantic Error

Year: 2022
Starring Park Seo Ham and Jae Chan

This drama is about a couple of students of college, one of them was about to graduate and study abroad, but since he didn't help the other student with a project, he has to repeat the entire year. That's how they get to meet and hate each other at the beggining.

Semantic Error | Twitter: @jaeyoungsgf

If you haven't watched 'Semantic Error' yet, then do it on Viki.

 Keep watching more K-Dramas, here we have some Sci-Fi dramas for you. These have amazing plots.

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