BIGBANG's solo artists songs BIGBANG's solo artists songs

BIGBANG members' solo songs you must listen to, they have amazing tracks

The members of BIGBANG not only stand out as a group, they have also done so as solo artists. Here we recommend some of their songs

BIGBANG is a great idol group with very talented members who have shown it as a team and as soloists with their different songs, which ones should you add to your playlist?

Legendary K-Pop group BIGBANG also has legendary members. Although the idol group debuted with 5 members, today there are only 4 active in the boy band. But all these artists have proven to be totally skilled and with a special gift for music.

There are a lot of things that we can admire about BIGBANG and their idols, their history has allowed us to see different facets of these singers, dancers and rappers who have given their all in the studio and on stage to stand out as much as they do until now.

And it is that as a group, they have released a lot of tracks that completely conquered the public, each of the BIGBANG songs with which V.I.P. has been able to grow and evolve as much as the members of the idol group have during their extensive career.

But as soloists, the members of BIGBANG have also completely shone, their talents are extremely amazing and in solo songs you will find new facets and the style of each of these idols.

8 songs by BIGBANG members as solo artists to enjoy their brilliant talents

1. Turn It Up by T.O.P

T.O.P is one of the BIGBANG rappers, in 2010 he released his song 'Turn It Up', with a simply great style where he shows us more of his personal stamp by singing and rapping very well for this track.

2. 1AM by Taeyang

Taeyang's voice is simply amazing and not only has he proven it with his work as a part of BIGBANG, but he has also done it solo with songs like '1AM' that allow fans to enjoy his talent even more.

3. Crooked by G-Dragon

G-Dragon has a great solo career, his own style is widely developed in his solo songs such as 'Crooked', a fan favorite that he released in 2013 for his album Coup d'Etat.

4. Cotton Candy by Daesung

Daesung has released many productions in Japanese, but he has also released in Korean like his song 'Cotton Candy', a track as sweet and soft as this candy. The voice of this artist is simply soothing for his fans in this composition.

5. Doom Dada by T.O.P

In 2014, T.O.P surprised his fans with a new song 'Doom Dada' has this flashy intro and catchy beat that you won't be able to stop listening to. In addition to all the style of this great rapper that V.I.P. loves.

6. Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang

Taeyang is a really talented artist and this other song by the BIGBANG member proves it to us. 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' is a simply great melody that demonstrates various contrasts of this idol in the same track. Can we say that this is a masterpiece?

7. Bullshit by G-Dragon

In 2017 G-Dragon released the EP 'Kwon Ji Yong', where we can find his song 'Bullshit'. A song with great flow, an amazing beat and all the style of this rapper who has become a great legend.

8. Wings by Daesung

'Wings' is a song that we can find in one of BIGBANG's albums, it is a Daesung solo that will simply fill you with energy and you will not stop listening to the beautiful voice of this artist.

Now you have a lot of songs from BIGBANG idols that you can listen to, add them to your playlist to keep them always playing.

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