BIGBANG's Still Life BIGBANG's Still Life

BIGBANG is breaking records with its comeback, what's the best about Still Life?

BIGBANG is back with amazing new music, 'Still Life' has shocked the world with new records and more from the new MV

BIGBANG's Still Life is being a success since this comeback of the legendary boy band was being awaited by millions, here's everything we loved about this new music video.

BIGBANG is a K-Pop legend, a group that debuted in 2006 under the YG Entertainment label. It quickly caught the attention of the Korean public, later it would extend its dominance to Japan, for example, and little by little, this idol group took over the whole world with its music and performances.

Within the BIGBANG lineup we can find great artists, such as G-Dragon, who has served as a great inspiration for many other idols who see him as a great reference in K-Pop. The imprint of this group is indelible and is present in many generations of the musical genre.

It had been quite some time since BIGBANG's last comeback, which would be celebrating its 16th anniversary this year. The group never completely separated, although each member was focused on his personal projects. Until this year, in which the idols came together to create music once again.

So V.I.P's wait for BIGBANG is over and now we can hear 'Still Life', the idol group's long-awaited comeback happened, what records is it breaking? Here we also tell you what were the things that we liked the most about this new song.

BIGBANG's Still Life was a smashing success since its premiere, it broke all these records

BIGBANG released 'Still life' this April 4 at midnight in South Korea, despite the time in which the idol group's comeback was released, it managed to quickly position itself on the most important music charts in the country, such as MelOn and FLO. In China it was also a success, as the K-Pop group's song triumphed on the QQ Music platform.

On YouTube it already has more than 5 million visits in just 4 hours since its premiere, isn't it amazing? The world was really looking forward to BIGBANG's comeback.

3 things we love about BIGBANG's Still Life music video

1. The concept

The colors and settings shown in the Still Life concept are simply mesmerizing, it was an extremely beautiful production. The flowers and phrases and the different places simply show us the different vibes and moods that we could perceive.

Still Life's video | Twitter: @axhxo1

2. The music

The song is a beautiful ballad, which with the voices of the idols is even softer and more delicate, full of feelings and emotions that very well capture the mood that BIGBANG wanted to convey. It's just a beautiful melody that we can't stop listening to.

Still Life's melody is just perfect | Twitter: @zutt5r

3. The lyrics

The lyrics of Still Life may be somewhat gloomy in parts, but it also has a bit of hope, it leads us to think about the true stages of life, in which sometimes you have to experience sadness to also experience happiness.

After the rain, instead of sadness comes a happy end

A seven-colored rainbow slanted like a sneer

Passed the seasons without maturing, I can’t mature

What did you like the most about BIGBANG's Still Life? There is much to appreciate about this K-Pop group and their amazing music.

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