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Awesome collaborations by IU that conquered the Korean charts

The Korean superstar IU just works with the most talented artists. These are the best collaboration of her music career.

Do you know which Korean soloist has the Perfect All-Kill record? Yes, no other than the super skillful IU. This beautiful lady is the most powerful female artist in the music industry. She is unstoppable!

The term All-Kill means that a song topped all the Korean charts at the same time. This is not an easy thing to do. However, IU got this achievement with 20 singles. No one can deny that she rules the Koren industry.

Even if she doesn't get an All-Kill, almost all her songs ranked great position in the charts. Her popularity is insane, and she drops nothing but quality. Of course, that includes her collaborations.

The singer of "LILAC" has worked with too many artists, all of them as talented as she is. IU never fails, these collabs are awesome! You will add all of them to your playlist after listening to them.

IU's collaboration that conquered the charts

1. NAKKA - AKMU (2021)

Is impossible to say who is the most talented in this collab. This track by AKMU sound even better with IU's flawless vocals.

2. GANADARA (2022) - Jay Park

Jay Park is well known for his creativity and honest lyrics. He tough IU's voice would be perfect for this love song. Well, he was right. It sounds perfect!

3. SoulMate (2018) - Zico

What can we say about this powerful duet? These amazing artists are the most successful soloist in Korea. Their chemistry is not a joke.

4. eight (2020) - with BTS' Suga

This emotive song achieved a Perfect All-Kill. The melody, lyrics, and music video are beautiful. Such a masterpiece!

5. Palette (2017) - Feat G-Dragon

Again we are in front of another perfect All-Kill single. It makes sense, G-Dragon and IU are explosive, even if they dropped a sweet song.


Among these iconic tracks, which one is your favorite? 

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