Awesome K-Pop collab performances between girl and boy groups

We all love to see our favorite K-Pop groups interacting. Here are the best performances between girl and boy groups.

At the end of the year, there are tons of awards shows in Korea. The hottest celebrities and Idols attending the same event is something that we wait for each year. During these shows, the Idols are being watched, even the smallest movements are captured by fan cameras.

Since the interactions between a girl and boy group can create dating rumors the label force the artists to act cold the whole night. However, there are some moments when the singer revealed their enthusiasm and respect for their colleagues and we love to see when that happens.

That's the reason why the fanatics go crazy when a special collab between female and male K-Pop artists work together for a special show. This type of performance is not that common in the industry.

Today we have the best ones ever for you. The chemistry of these groups on stage is amazing! No matter if you're not a fan of these talented Idols, they will make want to dance and enjoy with them. Take a seat, here we go!

The best K-Pop performances: Girl and Boy groups collabs

1. NCT and Aespa (2022)

Is common to see collaborations among SM Entertainment artists. However, this performance is insane!


This unforgettable performance needs to be on this list. Some of the best Idols are on stage at the same time. Such a great show!

3. Rose, Jihyo, Chanyeol and 10cm

This performance was different. These talented Idols singing together the acoustic version of their hits is the best. Judge by yourself.


Both groups have something in common, they are famous for their great energy on stage. They exchanged songs and prepared a special choreography. The best show of the night!

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