'The Happy Loner' and 'Death Song' 'The Happy Loner' and 'Death Song'

Awesome K-Dramas of just two episodes that you need to watch right now

Are you busy these days? Don't worry, we have for you some two-episode K-Dramas with the greatest plots.  

We love to watch K-Dramas, these shows are so well made. Here we can find the most iconic love stories, super handsome actors, wonderful fantasy worlds, the best action sequence, and more. This industry has something for all tastes.

However, sometimes work, school, and or just life give us not too much time extra to enjoy our favorite series. Well, we have the solution for you. Would you like to watch a drama of just two episodes?

We have for you the best stories. Since these are short shows, the production team doesn't waste time. The script goes to the point, there are no unnecessary scenes. The best options to watch in your free time.

Here you can find too many genres, so you can choose the style that you like the most. Since your time is precious, let's start right now. Enjoy the show!

Two-episode K-Dramas you should watch right now

1. The Happy Loner (2017)

Starring Gong Myung and Min Hyo Rin, this show follows the story of a couple that has nothing in common. The protagonists have opposite personalities. Will they end up together?

'The Happy Loner' poster / Twitter @icepenguints

2. Ping Pong Ball (2018)

Kim Young Joon (Ji Soo) is a college student who just got rejected by his crush. Then he meets a homeless man called Kim Deuk (Yoo Jae Myung). This encounter will change his life.

'Ping Pong Ball' poster / Twitter @downloadaja

3. Legend of Hyang Dan (2007)

Now it's time for a comedy. Siwon of Super Junior and Seo Ji Hye took the protagonist role in this hilarious story. It is based on a Korean tale, but this version is way funnier. 

'Legend of Hyang Dan' poster / Twitter @Brenda1004_CARP

4. Splash Splash Love (2015)

Here comes a fantasy show. Jang Danbi (Kim Seul Gi) is a student who can teleport herself. By accident, she travels in time to the Joseon period. There she will fall in love with a handsome king (Yoon Doo Joon).

'Splash Splash Love' poster / Twitter @gummybear0__0

5. Hymn of Death (2018)

Okay, we know this show actually has more than 2 episodes, it has three. However, is so good that we need to talk about it. It follows the real story of the Korean poet Kim Woo Jin. His love story is amazing.

'Hymn of Death' poster / Twitter @cinemadeinasia

Have you watched one of these shows?

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