Awesome BTS' RM collaborations that you should add to your playlist

BTS leader is a wonderful musician. Here are the best collaborations by RM, you are going to love these tracks.

The second chapter of BTS' career is coming with tons of surprises. This time the seven members will be working on individual projects. Of course, ARMY is really excited to listen to their new solo music.

RM said that his upcoming album is almost ready. We can't wait to see what he has prepared. This talented rapper offers nothing but quality. His songs and lyrics are usually pretty creative. At the same time, his messages are deep and honest.

It is the perfect time to recall the best of his solo career. Since his rookies days, the charismatic leader had the opportunity to work with many skillful artists. As result, he gave us tons of iconic collaborations.

We have for you some of the best ones. Namjoon never fails, these tracks are very interesting and powerful. You'll add them to your playlist immediately. Are you ready to fall for his wonderful talent?

The best collaboration by BTS' RM

1. Old Town Road - Lil Nas X (2019)

The original version is addictive. However, RM contributed with an awesome verse. Let's enjoy these deep and gorgeous voices.

2. Change - Wale (2017)

Now let's talk about this insane collab. The beat is on point, the perfect background for the raps of these skillful artists. 

3. Timeless - Drunken Tiger (2018)

These rap geniuses working together concluded in a wonderful track. Their swag is out of this world!

4. WINTER FLOWER - Younha (2020)

The breathtaking voice of Younha shines like never before in this emotive song. RM's rap is beautiful. It is a powerful track that will encourage you.

5. Don't - eAeon (2021)

We cannot leave without talking about this masterpiece. This is the second collaboration between the artists. The melody is beautiful and RM's lyrics are perfect. The best duet ever!

What other collab By RM would you recommend to us?

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