We'd love if Olivia Rodrigo collaborates with these artists We'd love if Olivia Rodrigo collaborates with these artists

Artists with whom Olivia Rodrigo should collaborate, fans dream of these collabs

We would love for the talent of Olivia Rodrigo to join with that of these singers, what would their collaborations be like?

Olivia Rodrigo is an incredible singer and also very young, but her talent is amazing and we would love to see her working with many other artists, even fans ask for these collaborations.

We have been witnessing the talent of Olivia Rodrigo for some time now. This young singer is really skilled with music, as she is not only good at singing, but also writes her own songs. This lets us see more of this artist's passion for music.

Perhaps this is an important point to connect with the public and Olivia has done very well. Quickly, her songs like 'drivers license', 'good 4 u' or 'deja vu' have become public favorites. And it is that they not only have Rodrigo's great abilities as a singer, but also with the experiences that she has had and feelings that she reflects in her music.

Although Olivia Rodrigo's career has barely begun, she is already a winner of Grammys and other very important awards in the music industry. And there is no doubt that she expects a lot more great things in the future that we will love to hear from this incredible artist. Olivia is just great and we love her talent.

And precisely in the future, we wish to see Olivia Rodrigo collaborate with other artists, fans would love songs featuring other singers and here we have some of them.

8 artists with whom we would like to see Olivia Rodrigo collaborate

1. Taylor Swift

We know that Taylor Swift is such a great inspiration for Olivia Rodrigo, that's why we'd love to see them both work together on the studio. Their voices would be amazing together, don't you think so?

2. Ashe

Olivia Rodrigo's fans have suggested that Ashe, an amazing singer, and Olivia should collab. Ashe has such an amazing voice, and her songs are pretty cool too! We think it would be an amazing combination.

3. Lorde

Lorde is another artist that Olivia loves, so it would be could to see them both collaborating. We'd love to see Rodrigo working with her favorite singers.

4. Conan Gray

We heard that Olivia and Conan Gray are actually good friends, then... What are they waiting for? Fans would love to see them collab together.

5. Billie Eilish

Actually, Olivia Rodrigo has said that she would love to collaborate with Billie Eilish and of course, the world would be sooo happy to see them together, these queens would break the music industry.

6. Charlie XCX

Once, Olivia expressed her wish to collaborate with Charli XCX too! She said she'll love to write with her, but dude! If you're there, you better put thos voices together, pls!

7. Harry Styles

Woah! This duo would be great, we would really love to listen to a collaboration song between Harry Styles and Olivia Rodrigo. She said it'd be cool to do it so, let's pray for it.


Let this happen! Once, Olivia Rodrigo said she'd love to collaborate with BLACKPINK and we all love this girl group sooo much, pls!

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