Singers who have worked with makeup brands Singers who have worked with makeup brands

Artist collaborations with makeup brands that every fan of music should try

Tons of our favorite singers have collaborated with makeup brands and come up with cool products we want to try

The world of beauty and music come together to create great collaborations and there are plenty of artists who have collaborated with makeup brands to introduce new products to fans. Do you already have your favorite singer in your cosmetic bag?

We admire the talents of many of our favorite artists in music, a lot of them are extremely popular thanks to their songs and performances. Fame also leads singers to collaborate in other types of fields. So we see many of them as models, brand ambassadors and even actors or actresses.

Music and beauty are always in some way hand in hand and it is that music videos and concerts also seek to convey a certain concept and regardless of this, we can see our favorite artists with different outfits, styles, makeup and others that they go according to their own personalities and also their messages in the music.

There are a lot of singers who like to stay beautiful and look good for themselves and their fans. This is why they resort precisely to makeup, we love to see what their styles are with the little paints they put on, the trends they create and much more. Without forgetting about their natural beauty too!

This is why many music artists have worked with makeup brands in collaborations that offer great and sometimes limited products for their fans. Here we have some who even have their own makeup companies and seek to create the best for their fans.

6 pop singers who have collaborated with makeup brands, try their products!

1. Lady Gaga

Well, Lady Gaga didn't collaborated with a makeup brand since she has her own one Haus Laboratories is her company and she offers the best products. The best thing is that they're not for only a 'gender'.

Lady Gaga owns Haus Laboratories | Twitter: @Papa__O_

2. Doja Cat

Doja Cat worked with BH Cosmetics and she released her own palette with some amazing colors Kittens should try. We also loved her on the photoshoot for the promotion of these products.

Doja Cat collab with BH Cosmetics | Twitter: @DojaNews


In 2021, Lisa from BLACKPINK worked with MAC and she released her own line of products that had her favorite colors and all of the fans could buy different articles to enhace their natural beauties.

Lisa in her collaboration with MAC | Twitter: @crazylovelili

4. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has collaborated with more than one makeup brand, MAC and Viva Glam, she offered some lipsticks, eyeshadows and more for her fans in these collaborations.

Ariana Grand x Viva Glam | Twitter: @ELLEmagazine

5. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is another artist who worked with MAC and together they released some cool lipsticks that a lot of fans liked and some other didn't at all.

Nicki Minaj and MAC worked together | Twitter: @Swtchlikefagz

6. Demi Lovato

Some time ago, Demi Lovato had her own product line in collaboration with N.Y.C., she had a palette with natural tones and more. It was great.

Demi LOvato an her cosmetics line | Twitter: @ExchangeDeals

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