Ariana Grande's hairstyles Ariana Grande's hairstyles

Ariana Grande's most iconic hairstyles that made her look spectacular

Do you have a favorite Ariana Grande hairstyle? This singer has worn different cuts and colors in her hair

In addition to her musical talents, we can also admire the great style of Ariana Grande and her looks that we have loved so much. These are some of her hairstyles that became our favorites.

Ariana Grande is an excellent singer and actress. Her career began a long time ago, since she was a child she was a theater actress and she aspired to work in series and movies that she liked so much. Then we were able to see her in her 'Victoriuos' with her Cat character that she loved so much that she had her own spin-off.

After exploiting her career as an actress, Ariana showed that she was a great singer and her music is what has placed her in the most important positions in music charts, digital platforms and others around the world. Today she is one of the most listened to and loved artists in the industry.

And in addition to her incredible talent as a singer, Grande also has a great style, fashion sense, and stunning beauty. All this has made her look incredible in all her stages, as an actress and as a singer. She is a really beautiful woman, not forgetting that she also has a beautiful personality.

If you are a fan of Ariana Grande, then you know some of her most iconic hairstyles, Ariana's hair is quite long and beautiful, how has she been seen with different styles?

7 of the best hairstyles Ariana Grande has worn

1. The ponytail

I'm sure you can remember Ariana Grande and her iconic ponytail we all love and that a lot of fans have worn too!

Ariana in a ponytail | Twitter: @sophietunasa

2. Purple hair

Ariana loves purple and when she dyed her hair in that color, it was amazing, sometimes she used to style it with two buns and she looked super cute.

Ariana with purple hair | Twitter: @sophietunasa

3. Curly hair

We loved this hairstyle in Ariana, she had this cool waves in her head since she had curly hair, awww! 

Ariana with curly hair | Twitter: @sophietunasa

4. Gray hair

This gray or platinum shade of hair suits Ariana Grande very well, we really love the way she looks, her style is always so cool.

Ariana in gray hair | Twitter: @sophietunasa

5. 34+35 hairstyle

34+35 hairstyle was some kind of retro style we all loved, it was amazing, it fits Ariana well.

We liked this hairstyle too! | Twitter: @sophietunasa

6. Blonde Ariana

Every color fits Ariana! And with blonde there's no exception, we loved when she used to have her hair in a yellowish color.

Blonde hair in Ariana looks good too | Twitter: @sophietunasa

7. Bangs

Ariana uses bangs too and we all loved them, the most recent hairstyle we could see on her is amazing.

Ariana Grande with bangs | Twitter: @sophietunasa

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