Ariana Grande for 'REM Beauty' Ariana Grande for 'REM Beauty'

Ariana Grande's love ballads to melt your heart

Ariana Grande's voice can play with the emotions of the public. She also can make you feel what love is. Don't you believe us? Just check these songs

The Ariana Grande talent is not a joke. Through her career she has proven herself as one of the most skillful singers in pop culture. Some of her hits like "position" or "7 rings" are perfect to dance and to show your best moves at the club.

However, the singer has also released songs to move your heart. Her sweet voice can turn emotional to the biggest crowd.

If you're looking for a great love ballad Ariana Grande have a bid catalog for you, these are the best ones

Ariana Grande's songs that will make you emotional

1. imagine (2019)

As soon as you play the album "thank u, next" this song will welcome you with an awesome vocal performance.

Imagine is an invitation: this is how our lives could be if you love me. It is playful and lovely at the same time. Almost at the end you need to be ready for that whistle note. Not surprising, is Ariana Grande.

2. My Everything (2014)

This is probably one of the most emotional songs in Grande's career. It feels like an honest narration of the singer.

The words explore the feeling of losing someone and value that person just after has gone. Is common to see the pop star really moved while performing this song. Look for the tissues.

3. pov (2020)

This song describes perfectly the sensation of becoming the "loved one" of someone. Grade is singing about those relationships that make you also love yourself.

The sweet melody contrasts with the dramatic interpretation of the singer almost at the end. You will be shocked with her unbelievable performance.

Did you fall in love with this song? What other Ariana Grande song should be here? Let us know.

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