Ariana Grande's unreleased songs Ariana Grande's unreleased songs

Ariana Grande songs that weren't officially released but everyone should hear

There are some secret Ariana Grande songs that were never officially released but they're just great

Ariana Grande has some secret demos and songs that she never officially released, some of them were leaked and we can listen to them, others are hidden, here we have some of them.

Ariana Grande is an excellent singer who has captivated us with a lot of songs. Her voice is wonderful, she has her own unique style that gives each of her tracks a personal stamp. Best of all, Ariana's distinctive ranges sound the same in the studio as they do live.

Among Grande's discography we can find endless songs, all of these bring us different stories, feelings, experiences and more of this artist. Fans appreciate every track she releases and are happy that Ariana has a part in the creative process on each one.

Ariana Grande has even written for other artists which we think is phenomenal and did you know that there are songs that she recorded but sold to other singers? There are also Ariana demos that were never released, but are gems among her songs that should be heard by the world.

So here we have some Ariana Grande songs that were never officially released, some are known to have been sold to other artists, others were leaked, and others only have a live version.

7 unreleased Ariana Grande songs that all her fans love even though they were never official

1. Ridiculous

We love 'Ridiculous' a song that actually introduces us to a different style in Ariana Grande, but it's just wonderful. This track was made for 'My Everything' but in the end it was not included in this album and 4 years later a small fragment of this jewel was published.

2. Boyfriend Material

'Boyfriend Material' was for the album 'Yours Truly' but it wasn't added to the end, then it was leaked at Ariana's live but she didn't post it then, it was later sold to K-Pop girl group f(x) and finally one day, Grande showed off her studio version for fans.

3. Lavender Envelopes

For 'Moonlight' which then turned into 'Dangerous Woman', Ariana Grande teased with 'Lavender Envelopes', but at the end this song didn't make it to the album, now we just have a snipett and some leaked versions.

4. Juice

Here we have another side of Ariana Grande, woah! 'Juice' is such a cool song and it was intended for the deluxe version of 'Thank U, Next', but at the end it was never released.

5. It Ain't Right

For 'Dangerous Woman' Ariana Grande did 'It Ain't Right', but then it didn't make it to the album and it ended up being sold to Jess Glynne for her album 'I Cry When I Laugh'.

6. Pink Champagne

'Pink Champagne' was intended for 'Yours Truly', Ariana even promoted the song on Twitter but when the album was released they found out it wasn't there, but the singer ended up releasing it digitally when she reached 10 million followers.

7. My Way

For 'Sweetener' Ariana posted some snippets and one of them was 'My Way', but it didn't make it to the album at the end.

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