Ariana Grande's most awarded songs Ariana Grande's most awarded songs

Ariana Grande songs that have won the most awards, how many do these tracks have?

Ariana Grande has won a lot of awards in her career, which of her songs have been the most awarded?

How many awards has Ariana Grande won? She has a lot of awards at home and some of her songs gave her a maximum number of statuettes.

Ariana Grande is an excellent singer that everyone really adores. She is one of the most popular women in the entire music industry, the variety of her songs, her great talent, excellent skills and incredible stage presence. This artist has it all.

Ariana's way of singing is simply wonderful, her voice gives each of her songs a special touch and a personal stamp for which she has stood out in the great international music industry. We know very well that there are tracks by this singer that are more popular than others.

But the truth is that fans enjoy all of Ariana songs, no matter the era or how long ago. Some of these have become classics of this artist. And obviously she conquered the entire industry with her tracks, especially at the most important awards shows.

How many awards has Ariana Grande won? Here we have some of the most awarded songs of this singer, she has a simply incredible record.

The 6 most awarded Ariana Grande songs

1. Rain On Me

Well, this is not an Ariana Grande's song, but she's featured in 'Rain On Me' which Lady Gaga released, and that's how both of the singer have got a total of 11 awards with this collaboration.

2. Thank U, Next

We all know that 'Thank U, Next' was such a hit for Ariana Grande, and of course it has a lot of awards, the singer got a total of 10 awards with this track.

3. Problem

'Problem' is a song of Ariana which features Iggy Azalea, this track got a total of 7 awards and that's why it's in this top.

4. No Tears Left To Cry

Another hit song from Ariana Grande, 'No Tears Left To Cry' gor the same number than 'Problem', it was awarded 7 times.

5. 7 Rings

We know that '7 Rings' is still trending and in everyone's playlist, this song was such a hit and it got a total of 6 awards.

6. Bang Bang

Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj worked together in 'Bang Bang' a great song which got 3 awards, and that's one of the most awarded for Ariana too!

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