Ariana Grande's Grammy nominations Ariana Grande's Grammy nominations

Ariana Grande songs that have been nominated for a Grammy, with which one has she won?

How many Grammys has Ariana Grande won? She has been nominated a bunch of times for these awards

Ariana Grande has been recognized at the Grammys a few times, but a lot of her songs have been nominated for this award.

We have been able to enjoy Ariana Grande's music for a long time. A lot of the songs of this singer have become extremely popular. Ariana has managed to connect with the public thanks to her incredible voice, style, lyrics and others with which she has reigned in the music industry.

In history, Ariana Grande has been recognized with a lot of the most important international awards. And it is that not only the fans, but also the critics know very well that the quality of the music of this artist is quite good. We can't help but admire all of her work.

As you should know, one of the most important awards is the Grammy Awards. This ceremony rewards musical excellence in each genre and also in all production within the industry, whether they are original soundtracks for films and others, songs, albums, collaborations, among other categories.

But how many times have Ariana Grande won at the Grammy Awards? She's been nominated for this awards a lot of times.

5 Ariana Grande songs that have been nominated for the Grammy awards

1. Bang Bang

In 2015, Ariana received her first nomination at the Grammy awards with 'Bang Bang' a song in which she worked with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj, sadly, it didn't win, but it was her first nomination.

2. God Is A Woman

'God Is A Woman' was a huge hit for Ariana Grande and it was featured in the album 'Sweetener' which she released in 2018, in 2019 it was nominated in the category of 'Best Pop Solo Performance' but it didn't win.

3. 7 Rings

For the album 'Thank U Next', Ariana won a Grammy, and one of the songs from this release that was nominated was '7 rings', a classic now.

4. Boyfriend

In 2021, Ariana had two nominations in the category 'Best Pop Duo/Group Performance', one of those was 'Boyfriend' in collaboration with Social House. Unfortunately this one didn't win.

5. Rain On Me

Well, this song is from Lady Gaga but it features Ariana Grande and this one was a win for both singers, 'Rain On Me' actually was the winner of 'Best Pop Duo/Group Performance' in 2021.

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