Ariana Grande's songs in movies Ariana Grande's songs in movies

Ariana Grande songs that have appeared in movies, these are her soundtracks

Perhaps in some movies you have heard your favorite Ariana Grande song, she has participated in the soundtrack of some films

Even in the cinema we have been able to enjoy the great talent of Ariana Grande, as some of her songs have appeared in our favorite movies.

Ariana Grande is a great artist who has worked hard on her music, she started her career as an actress but soon her voice would be admired by millions around the world. In addition to her great talent as a singer, she has also dedicated herself to writing her own music.

So Ariana has really connected with the public through her songs, many of them have become extremely popular. On the radio, platforms and others have become the tracks most listened to by the public. It's just great. Surely you already have a favorite song by this artist.

And Grande's talent has not only stayed in the world of music, we have also found this great singer in our favorite series and movies. We adore her talent and her great skills. Her most popular songs have also appeared on television and in the cinema.

In addition to the fact that Ariana Grande has also participated in soundtracks for various films and thus gives us more of her talent in original songs for the cinema.

7 Ariana Grande songs that have been part of the soundtrack in different movies

1. Problem

Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea worked together on 'Problem', and this song appears on the movie 'The American Meme' which was released in 2018, did you know that?

2. Break Free

'Break Free' is another Ariana Grande's classic, it was released in 2014 as a single from 'My Everything', this song has appeared in 'Sing 2', a movie released in 2021.

3. How I Look On You

Ariana was part of the original soundtrack of 'Charlie's Angels' which was released in 2019 and one of the songs for this movie was 'How I Look On You'.

4. Got Her Own

'Got Her Own' is a song from 'Charlie's Angels' OST too! Ariana made this song for this amazing movie alongside Victoria Monét.

5. Just Look Up

'Don't Look Up' is a movie in which actually Ariana Grande acted, and she also participated in the soundtrack of this movie with 'Just Look Up' a song featuring Kid Cudi.

6. They Don't Know

For the animated movie 'Trolls' which was released in 2016, Ariana made 'They Don't Know', a song in the soundtrack of this amazing film all kids loved.

7. 7 rings

Well, '7 rings' wasnt' actually in the movie 'Fantasy Island', but it was the soundtrack for the official trailer of this movie. They also used a remixed version here.

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