Ariana Grande's love songs Ariana Grande's love songs

Ariana Grande love songs that will light up your heart

There are many Ariana Grande songs full of love, here we have our favorite ones

Ariana Grande is a great singer and some of her tracks reveal the feelings that we can all experience, one of them is love.

There is no doubt that Ariana Grande is one of the best singers of the moment, her songs are quite good and not only because of the amazing voice of this artist. Also because she dedicates herself to writing some of those tracks that she presents for the whole world and especially for her fans.

Ariana puts all of herself in each song, in the lyrics there are many of her feelings, emotions, experiences and even dreams that are revealed when we listen to her music. This is perhaps what makes her so authentic and what also makes the singer connect with the public.

So, we really love Ariana's songs and not just superficially because they touch on themes that we can relate to, right? Maybe you already chose your favorite Ariana Grande song or maybe the song she chose you. OMG, it all depends on how you felt then or if this one revealed something you were expecting.

But if you feel in love right now, then here we have some Ariana Grande love songs for you, you can dedicate them to your loved one and understand more about this beautiful feeling.

5 Ariana Grande love songs to share with your loved one

1. Into You

On the album 'Dangerous Woman' we'll find 'Into You', which is perfect for a crush, maybe... since it's kind of a confession of the feelings for Ariana for someone who she really likes.

A little less conversation, and
A little more touch my body
'Cause I'm so into you


2. Love Me Harder

Ariana Grande worked with The Weeknd for 'Love Me Harder' featured on the album 'My Everything'. this one is about a girl who wants to feel really loved 'cause if she doesn't feel that way, she's gonna leave her partner.

Baby, in that moment, you'll know this is
Something bigger than us and beyond bliss
Give me a reason to believe it

3. Stuck With U

We can say that 'Stuck With U' is such a cute song, maybe if you found someone that makes you feel so in love with them and maybe actually live in the same home, and that stuff, well... this song will fit you best!

There's nowhere we need to be
No, no, no
I'ma get to know you better
Kinda hope we're here forever


4. My Everything

'My Everything' is full of love and actually has some great vocals from Ariana Grande, but this is like a song for those moments when you take a break from your relationship and you're missing your loved one, maybe. Or for those times when you both have to be apart, at the distance :(.

I know you're not far, but I still can't handle all the distance
You're traveling with my heart
I hope this is a temporary feeling
'Cause it's too much to bear without you


5. Be My Baby

Well, there are a lot of Ariana Grande songs for someone you're starting to like, or that is your crush, so you can confess your feelings in some way and 'Be My Baby' will help for sure.

Keep reading more about Ariana Grande, here we have those artists who inspired her and motivate her to keep singing. 

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