Ariana Grande's movies Ariana Grande's movies

Ariana Grande has appeared in all these movies, did you watch her on the big screen?

Ariana Grande has a great career as an actress in series, but what movies has she acted in?

Ariana Grande has not only been a great singer, we can also talk a lot about her work as an actress and although some of her series have been very popular, she has also appeared in movies.

Many fans remember the beginnings of Ariana Grande career as an actress. She appeared in the Nickelodeon series 'Victorious' where she shone with her acting and caught the attention of many by singing. Although her career has grown more as a singer for quite some time.

Ariana also later appeared in a double spin-off of Victorious and iCarly with the series 'Sam and Cat' which delighted many more fans and let them see new adventures with such an iconic character for the singer. At the same time, she was already growing in the music industry while continuing to work as an actress.

The best thing is that we can enjoy Ariana Grande in various branches of the entertainment industry, did you know that this singer has also made it to the movies? She has appeared in various films that show us more of her great talent as an actress in these productions.

So here we leave you some of the movies in which Ariana Grande has appeared, some have been in cameo and others with a very important role in the plot.

Movies in which Ariana Grande has acted, this is how she came to the cinema as an actress

1. Zoolander 2

Year: 2016
Starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson

Ariana appeared in Zoolander 2, a comedy movie in which Ariana has the role of a bondage girl. It's funny since in this movie a lot of pop stars die like Justin Bieber or Madonna.

Ariana Grande in Zoolander 2 | Twitter: @Ari_moonlight_1

2. Men In Black: International

Year: 2019
Starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson

Ariana Grande turned into an (Martian) alien for Men In Black: International, this is a comedy and sci-fi movie saga and for this one had a cameo of the singer.

Ariana Grande in Men In Black | Twitter: @AngelBarman

3. Don't Look Up

Year: 2021
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence

Ariana Grande is Riley Bina in 'Don't Look Up', the film is about a couple of astronomers who discover that the Earth will soon be destroyed and try to warn humanity about the end of the planet.

Ariana Grande in Don't Look Up | Twitter: @luvpanachb

 This was a quick travel for Ariana Grande's career in movies! Wasn't it cool? She's an amazing actress.

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