Ariana Grande and BTS Ariana Grande and BTS

Ariana Grande and BTS have had these interactions that we still can't get over

Are BTS and Ariana Grande friends? These interactions between the artists have ARMYnator excited

On several occasions we have had interactions between Ariana Grande and BTS and here are some of our favorite moments that we will never forget.

Ariana Grande is a wonderful singer with great talent and charisma. This artist is really dedicated to her work in her music she works hard to show the best of herself to her fans and give her the best songs and performances. Ariana dominates in the music industry internationally.

On the other hand, BTS is an amazing K-Pop group, perhaps the most popular, relevant and successful at the moment. They have not only stood out in the Korean industry, but with their songs they have taken part in the international music industry. This is why we have seen the idol group collaborate and interact with other stars.

And what do BTS and Ariana Grande have in common? Well, the talent of all the artists in the group and the singer is evident. But we can also point out that the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan admire Grande a lot. And she has also revealed how much she likes the idol group.

The best thing is that Ariana Grande and BTS have had a lot of interactions that make their fans happy, here are some of them that we love to remember.

5 moments of BTS and Ariana Grande that make their interactions iconic

1. Following each other on Twitter

Aw! Sometimes the first interactions between our favorite artists happen on social networks, and thats what happened with BTS and Ariana Grande, they followed each other on Twitter.

Ariana and BTS following each other on Instagram | Twitter: @arianavante

2. Wanna collab?

In some intervies, BTS members have said that they really want to collab with Ariana Grande, even if this hasn't happened yet, we're still waiting for this nice collaboration.

3. Jungkook and Ariana

Once, Jungkook went to Ariana's concert, he uploaded a picture to Twitter, and then there was actually a picture of both artists together and it was amazing. Ariana really loved Jungkook when they met each other.

Jungkook and Ariana Grande | Twitter: @archivesgguks

4. BTS supporting Ariana

In 2017, Ariana Grande had a terrible thing going on since her concert in Manchester had a terrorist attack, so BTS showed their support for her.

BTS supporting Ariana | Twitter: @BTS_twt

5. Ariana with BTS

Then, once on Instagram Ariana shared a picture of her with almost the whole group, since Suga is missing. She said that she bump into them while rehearsing, isn't it great? An OT6 photo with Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande and BTS | Twitter: @BTS_twt

We loved all these interactions, but... Keep reading more about Ariana Grande, here we have some childhood photos of this incredible singer. 

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