Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande for 'Rain On Me' Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande for 'Rain On Me'

Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga's collab 'Rain On Me' is 2 years old, this the best of the hit

In 2020 Lady Gaga worked with Ariana Grande for the title single "Rain On Me". Let's recall the best of this iconic song.

"Chromatica" is a great album full of tracks perfect for dancing. Lady Gaga is a music genius that knows how to make the perfect song to conquer the charts. For this album she worked with Ariana Grande for the title single "Rain On Me".

As it was expected, when these pop monsters joined forces the world received an extraordinary song. This iconic song was released on May 21, 2020 and the Internet is celebrating the second year since its release.

The public is grateful to these awesome singers for the Grammy winner track. Let's recall some of the best points of this collab that will never get old.

This is what we like the most about "Rain On Me"

1. The Lyrics

Lady Gaga worked on an album that explored some of her most vulnerable emotional states. Rain On Me is a deep song that can encourage you just to listen to their words: "I'd rather be dry but, at least I'm alive".

Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga / By @AGrandeSP

2. The makeup and outfits

These ladies are fashion icons and of course, with this music video they create a new makeup trend. This eyeliner style was all over on social media.

At the same time the outfits are unforgettable. They are stunning!

Ariana Grande for 'Rain On Me' / By @AGrandeSP

3. The Vocals

Everyone knows that Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande are some of the most skillful singers of the moment. During the MTV awards 2020 they gave us a mindblowing show. Their voices are perfect.

4. The Posive Energy

Because of the pandemic situation the whole world was having a hard time. What we needed was something to gain energy and overcome the depression days.

No one can avoid dancing with this insane beat. Let's send our worries far away while enjoying Rain On Me.

We would love to see these amazing singers on stage again!

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