Are you a newbie in K-Pop? These songs are a great introduction

If you're exploring K-Pop music, check this list. These songs are a guide to see the multiple genres Korean music industry has to offer.

We all were in that place once, the beginning of the K-Pop journey. Maybe it was a song that drew our attention, a great music video or some K-Pop groups pictures. No matter what the reason was, as soon as you step into this world you don't want to leave.

If you are new or perhaps you want to introduce someone into K-Pop we have the best options for you. We have to clarify something, the Korean music industry is really big and the artists have various styles and genres. However, we'll try to show you a little bit of different musicians. Here we go!

K-Pop songs to explore this genre


Let's start with a big name: BLACKPINK. This group is the powerful key to conquering the western audiences. They have already performed in gigant events like Coachella.

Their songs are catchy, the music videos are awesome and the members are beautiful, everyone can fall for BLACKPINK. They are one of the best groups under the girl crush concept. 

2. Jessi - What Type of X (2021)

If you like singers with strong stage presence you need to know Jessi. She is a talented rapper with a lot of confidence. Her music it's perfect to gain power. When you listen to her no one can mess with you.

Korean industry have a tons of good options if you like hip hop we also recommend you to listen to Zico.

3. TWICE - Likey (2017)

Now we're changing the page. TWICE is the best option for those who are looking for a little bit of cuteness. However, the group's music always feels fresh and playful.

Likey is one of the biggest hits of this group. Be cautious with TWICE songs, those won't leave your mind ever but your mood will be way better.

4. SEVENTEEN - HIT (2019)

K-Pop is eye-catching because of the beautiful scenarios, fashionable outfits and of course, thanks to the choreographies.

SEVENTEEN is one of the best groups when we are talking about dance skills. The synchronization of the members will make you feel chills. They have playful and calm songs as well, but today's recommendation is HIT to bless your eyes with this perfect performance.

5. BTS - IDOL (2018)

Last but no least, the K-Pop sensation, BTS. They broke down tons of wall to be in the top of the global industry. If you haven't fallen for their music, what are you waiting for?

IDOL is an energetic song that explores their status as celebrities, artists and influencers. Yeah! Despite the cheerful melody it is a deep song. Watch the video to find the easter eggs. Enjoy and dance with the guys!

That's it! Now you're part of the K-Pop fanatic world, Congratulations!

If you want to know more songs check the best hypnotic girl group choreographies.

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