'Mosntrum' and 'A Werewolf Boy' posters 'Mosntrum' and 'A Werewolf Boy' posters

Amazing Korean Fantasy Movies you have to watch on your day off

The most interesting fantasy plots are here! These Korean films will blow your mind.

The Korean filming industry is on its way to conquering the world. In the last few years, we have seen tons of talented directors from this country getting praised thanks to their projects. They are giving us just quality movies.

Do you want to explore more of this industry? if the answer is yes, then you're in the correct place. Let's start with the fantasy genre. We all love to watch a great film that can take us to another reality.

That's why we have prepared just the best movies to start your journey. All these films have something in common, they create other worlds since their cinematography and scripts are really well-made.

We cannnot forget to talk about the unique plots. These stories are quite uncommon, you'll be surprised by the creativity of the creators. The best options for your day off! Look for popcorn, take a seat and let's enjoy the show!

Korean fantasy movies you should watch

1. The Call (2020)

Starring Park Shin Hye, this film follows the story of a woman called Kim Seo Yeon. She discovers she can talk with a girl from the past who used to live in the same as her. Be ready for many plot twists.

'The Call' poster / Twitter @kontoImemek

2. Monstrum (2018)

The cast of this movie is amazing. Choi Woo Sik, Lee Hyeri, Kim Myung Kim and more joined forces to give us this intense story. We'll see the Joseon kingdom being attacked by a scary monster.

'Monstrum' poster / Twitter @Mikeysuschinos

3. Space Sweepers (2020)

Do you like sci-fi movies? Then, you have to watch this dystopian film. We'll see the awful earth's future. In 2092 is almost impossible to survive on our planet.

'Space Sweepers' poster / Twitter @cinemadeinasia

4. The Host (2006)

Out of nowhere a giant monster appears in the Han river to devour humans. A little girl gets trapped with the creature, then her family will fight to save her.

'The Host' poster / Twitter @jigerd

5. A Werewolf Boy (2012)

What about a love story? Park Bo Young is Young Sun Yi, a young lady who falls in love with a werewolf boy, the character played by Song Joong Ki. It is a beautiful story.

'A Werewolf Boy' poster / Twitter @alemooncat

Have you watched one of these great films?

Don't miss these movies directed by Bong Joon Ho. He made the coolest stories.

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