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Amazing ITZY B-side songs that feel like title singles

Are you a casual listener of ITZY? You should know these B-side songs as well. You need them on your playlist!

JYP Entertainment is a label very famous because it has offered some of the most iconic girl groups in K-Pop history. After various years of training in this agency the members of ITZY debuted in 2019.

This group took the stage to surprise the public with its energetic and powerful performances. The talented girls have realease great singles like "In The Morning" or "WANNABE". 

However not just their title singles are good, these B-side songs are really well produced. We wonder why the tracks in this list were not chosen as the main single of their album. Let's listen to ITZY!

You need to listen to the best ITZY B-side songs

1. SHOOT! (2021)

This addictive song was all over the Internet last year. IZTY usually releases songs that fit perfectly with social media.

SHOOT! was the background music of tons of short videos on Tiktok. Despite not having a music video this track is really popular among the young generations.

2. Sorry Not Sorry (2021)

The album GUESS WHO is full with great tracks. We need to talk about the popularity "Sorry Not Sorry"got even tough is really hard to overshadow the single title "In The Morning"

Just look at this amazing performance. The members are so charismatic!

3. SWIPE (2021)

Finally we got this masterpiece. There's no doubt that ITZY pays too much attention to how the Internet works nowadays.

This song is full of playful metaphors about social media. Doesn't matter if you don't understand Korean, the music video explains everything.

IZTY has tons of good songs! Among all these, which one is  your favorite?

If you don't know too much about ITZY music here's a guide to become a fan, it is pretty easy.

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