(G)I-DLE for 'Tomboy' (G)I-DLE for 'Tomboy'

Addictive songs by (G)I-DLE that will make you feel super confident

The members of (G)I-DLE made the coolest songs about self-confidence. You need these tracks in your playlist, they will make you feel really powerful.

Since its debut, (G)I-DLE stood out thanks to its unique style. As you may know, the leader of the group Soyeon is also in charge of producing the hits of the girl group. This case is quite uncommon among female K-Pop artists.

The 'self-produce' Idol title is mostly for boy groups. Well, the members of this successful group are showing their endless talent with their songs. These beautiful ladies participated in the creation process of their comebacks.

One of the most recurrent messages you can find in their discography is self-love and confidence. Their insane stage presence cannot lie, they were born to perform with this style. We are in front of self-confidence Queens.

For those moments when we are feeling down, listening to this group would be pretty helpful. That's why we have for you some of their best songs that will encourage you. You'll feel super powerful right now.

(G)I-DLE tracks to make you feel confident

1. MY BAG (2022)

Having the best attitude is the best way to face the cruel world. Just like the members do, they have the boss vibes even when the antis try to attack them.

2. POP/STARS (2018)

This collaboration with "League of Legends" need to be here. You'll be as powerful as a video game character.

3. LION (2020)

No one will stop you after listening to this awesome song. It's one of the best singles of (G)I-DLE's career. The production is flawless. Are you ready for being a Queen?

4. Uh-Oh (2019)

This track was dropped to make the antis quiet. No matter what people might say about you, you have no option but shine like never before.

5. TOMBOY (2022)

No one can tell you hao to behave. (G)I-DLE encourages you to be yourself with the wonderful "TOMBOY". Turn up the volume!

Among all these songs, which one do you like the most?

(G)I-DLE was very successful since its debut. Check here some other girl groups that were n instant success as well.

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