'The Negotiation' and 'Confidential Assignment' posters 'The Negotiation' and 'Confidential Assignment' posters

Action movies starring Hyun Bin with the most interesting plots

Are looking for a good action film? Hyun Bin has the best options for you!

The Korean superstar Hyun Bin is famous all over the world because of his iconic K-Dramas. We all love to see him in the greatest love stories. We will never forget his roles in "Secret Garden" and "Crash Landing on You".

The good-looking Idol has conquered millions of hearts thanks to this type of series. However, we are talking about a super versatile artist that can dominate any genre. Do you what to see his facest as an action man?

In Korea, almost all his films became an instant success. Mostly, he has participated in action movies. He usually, portrays tough and sharp characters, he looks really charismatic in this type of project.

The movies on this list have super intense action sequences. You need to be ready for many plot twists, mystery, crime, and a little bit of humor. Look for popcorn, take a seat and let's enjoy the show.

The best action movies with Hyun Bin

1. Rampant (2018)

Let's start with a zombie movie. Here the actor is Prince Lee Chung, who discovers these lethal creatures when he arrives in Joseon. Now humans need the fight against zombies to survive.

2. The Fatal Encounter

Here the actor plays the role of King Jeongjo. He will have to face an assassin that was sent to kill him.

3. The Swindlers (2017)

After releasing they have similar goals, the fraudster Hwang Ji Sung and the prosecutor Park Hee Soo (Yoo Ji Tae) join forces. The chemistry between these actors is amazing!

4. Confidential Assignment (2017)

It is one of the most successful projects of Hyun Bin's career. It follows the story of two detectives, one from North and another from South Korea who are working together to catch a criminal.

5. The Negotiation (2018)

The actor took the role of a criminal called Min Tae Gu, who kidnapped two Korean in Bangkok. The negotiator Ha Chae Yoon will try to save the hostages. This character is played by Son Ye Jin.

Hi is a master of the genre.

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