Action K-Dramas available on Netflix Action K-Dramas available on Netflix

Action Korean dramas on Netflix that you must watch

There are a lot of action-packed Korean dramas and Netflix has some options in its list so that you can enjoy these series

K-Drama fans have endless options to watch on their television thanks to the Korean series that Netflix has added to its list, here we recommend some that are full of action.

In dramas all kinds of stories are lived, with different characters, plots and twists in each production. Fans of this type of series always enjoy an amazing adventure every time they decide to start a new drama and fully delve into its episodes.

And it is that Korean series are not limited to a single genre or to tell the same story over and over again. There are K-Dramas of fantasy, romance, horror, mystery and even some of their stories are full of action. You'll find great heroes within their amazing plots.

Each fan will have their favorite story, but there are many that will lead us to see scenes full of adrenaline and exciment, with brave and strong characters who physically or even mentally face chaos as well, a fight of good against evil at all times.

If you like action dramas, then these recommendations that you can watch on Netflix are perfect for you, enjoy all the episodes of these K-Dramas on the platform.

5 Action K-Dramas that you can watch on Netflix

1. Yong Pal

Year: 2015
Starring Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee

In this drama we will meet a talented surgeon who, in order to get a little more money and help his sister, chooses to carry out secret and anonymous work for characters from the bureaucracy and criminals.

Yong Pal | Twitter: @hancinema

You'll like the full story of 'Yong Pal', so watch this drama on Netflix. 

2. Extracurricular

Year: 2020
Starring Kim Dong Hee and Jung Da Bin

This K-Drama takes us to a school in which students are involved in various criminal acts, in order to obtain money they become criminals. Even that brilliant student who no one would suspect of.

Extracurricular | Twitter: @junhyeodya

Watch 'Extracurricular' on Netflix, one of the best dramas on the platform. 

3. Two Weeks

Year: 2013
Starring Lee Joon Gi and Kim So Yeon

This series is about how a man's life changes in the blink of an eye, in his past he was an ingenious and strong gangster, but decided to walk away from it after knowing he was going to have a daughter. His partner runs away still pregnant but returns 8 years later with terrible news.

Two Weeks | Twitter: @TinaTianJG

On Netflix you can watch 'Two Weeks'

4. Vagabond

Year: 2019
Starring Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy

This drama is about a terrible plane crash that ends the lives of 211 people, that's when Cha Dal Geon begins to investigate more about the fact since his nephew died on that plane and will unearth the corruption of the country.

Vagabond | Twitter: @famosoSmith

'Vagabond' is available on Netflix, so, you better watch it. 

5. Signal

Year: 2016
Starring Lee Je Hon and Cho Jin Woong

This South Korean series will be full of action and mystery, since a pair of detectives from two different eras manage to communicate through a Walkie-Talkie and thus they will be able to solve a case that had been going on for years without a solution.

Signal | Twitter: @JL_Kdiamond

Watch 'Signal' on Netflix with its amazing story.

 Keep extending your watchlist, here we recommend more dramas, such as those of actor Lee Jong Suk who has starred in countless stories.

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