'The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure' and 'Hyung' posters 'The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure' and 'Hyung' posters

Acclaimed movies starring EXO members that every fan needs to know

Almost all the members of EXO are awesome actors. Are you a baby EXO-L? You need to watch these movies!

EXO is one of the most important K-Pop groups ever. Its latest album "Don't Fight the Feeling" was released in June 2021. There is no news about a comeback, so we all are putting on repeat the most iconic hits of the group.

We know everyone is missing the singer of "Tempo" badly. That's why today are recalling some of its greatest movies. Yes, we said movies. These talented gentlemen are not just awesome performers but skillful actors as well.

The Idols started their journey in the acting world when there were just rookie artists. Nowadays, some of them are well known for their brilliant work on the screen. Is there anything they can't do?

These films received great reviews, not from the fans but from the critics and general public. The plots are amazing and the members of EXO did a wonderful job as actors. Look for popcorn, the show is starting!

EXO members' best movies you should watch

1. Salut d’Amour (2015)

Let's start with this beautiful love story between a grumpy 70-year-old man and a sweet elder lady who runs a flower shop. Chanyeol took the role of a lovely boy called Min Sung.

2. The Present (2019)

It's time to watch Suho shine. Here he acted as Oh Ha Neul a young man who is getting ready to open an establishment. However, suddenly a stranger appears and changes his plans. It is a warm story and the cast is awesome.

3. Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River (2016)

What about a comedy? This film follows the story of a swindler called Kim Seondal (Yoo Seung Ho). Xiumin took the role of Gyeon, a member of his swindler team.

4. The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure (2022)

Sehun acted as Han Goong in this pirates' adventure film. It is one of the most successful Koren movies in 2022. The production is insane!

5. My Annoying Brother / Hyung (2016)

Let's be honest, all the projects D.O takes receive positive reviews. Today we chose the emotive story of a Judo athlete and his older brother. Jo Jung Suk and Park Shin Hye are part of the cast.

EXO talent is out of this world!

Do you want to watch more Park Shin Hye movies? We have the best recommendation for you.

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