ATEEZ's songs for you ATEEZ's songs for you

ATEEZ songs that will make you fall in love with this K-Pop group

ATEEZ is a great idol group that you need to listen to and these songs will make you love them

What are the best ATEEZ's songs? We have some for you that you'll love, get into the amazing voices and rythm of these idols.

ATEEZ is a K-Pop group which debuted in 2018, it's been some years since then but this idol group has been growing more and more through the years. Right now is one of the most successful and popular groups, they've toured around the world and have a lot of fans in the planet.

ATINY is the big and loyal fandom in charge of showing its love and support for ATEEZ which is bigger in every comeback, the boy band gives the best songs and performances for the audience which has quickly become a part of this great fandom.

We can highlight a lot of things about ATEEZ's music, the beats and rythm, the voices of the idols, there are some amazing vocalist and others which rap fast and strong and give every track a unique and personal stamp. We can talk about their performances too, they're just incredible on stage.

But if you haven't fallen in love completely with ATEEZ, then you need to listen do these songs from the idol group, we're sure you're gonna like them.

Top 7 ATEEZ songs that made ATINY fall in love with the group

1. Wonderland

ATEEZ released 'Treasure EP.Fin: All to Action' in 2019, this album has 'Wonderland' an amazing song which will make you fall in love with this K-Pop group.

2. Answer

'Answer' is a fan favorite song which you can find in 'Into the A to Z', this album was released in 2021. The track might start easily and calm but it'll pick up a great rythm soon.

3. Inception

'Zero: Fever Part 1' is a great ATEEZ's album, this one was released in 2020 and it has songs as good as 'Inception', the vocals on this song will blow your mind.

4. Wave

If you love Summer, then 'Wave' is your ATEEZ's song, this track is from 'TREASURE EP.3: One To All', an album released in 2019. It has a great rythm which will make you dance.

5. Say My Name

In 2019 ATEEZ released 'TREASURE EP. EXTRA: Shift The Map', an EP with the song 'Say My Name'. You'll love this track since it's full of different rythms and contrasts which fit in the song.

6. The Real

ATEEZ appeared in the reality show Kingdom, there they released 'The Real' as a special performance, but then they re-released it as a full song for the album 'ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE' in 2021, it's a pretty cool song that you need to listen to.

7. Deja Vu

For 'Zero: Fever Part.3' ATEEZ released 'Deja Vu' as title track and it caught a lot of attention between K-Pop fans who started to stan the group since then, so, you better listen to this song.

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