Everything about ASTRO's comeback with Candy Sugar Pop Everything about ASTRO's comeback with Candy Sugar Pop

ASTRO has a new adventure in Candy Sugar Pop MV, what's the best about this comeback?

ASTRO surprised us with their comeback and Candy Sugar Pop MV, what did we love the most about this new song?

ASTRO is back on stage and their new song 'Candy Sugar Pop' has a great MV that you will love, here we have all the best of this comeback.

ASTRO is an amazing K-Pop group that has been taking over the stages and the industry for a few years now. Before debuting, all the members of this boy band trained as actors and have even participated in K-Dramas together and individually. But finally, in 2016 they released their music and presented themselves to the world as a group.

Since then, ASTRO idols have worked hard on their songs and performances to show what they are made of. More and more people belong to AROHA, the fandom that is in charge of showing all their support, admiration, respect and love for this idol group.

So their fans were really happy to know that ASTRO would finally have a new comeback after their hiatus together, concentrating more on duo projects or dramas, like their acting members do. So we couldn't wait for 'Drive to the Starry Road', the group's new album.

The title track for 'Drive to the Starry Road' is 'Candy Sugar Pop', a great song that you will love and its MV also takes ASTRO for a new and great adventure, here we tell you what we love most about this idol group's new comeback.

Everything we love about ASTRO's Candy Sugar Pop MV, this is the best of their comeback

1. The concept

We loved the concept of 'Candy Sugar Pop', it's retro, spacial and has a lot of these neon colors which we love, it's just amazing. And it takes our favorite idols into a new adventure full of fun and a cool vibe.

2. The beats

Here we are talking about the instrumental part of the song, it's retro too! But it has a lot of elements which make the track pretty interesting, mixing the old with new beats and it's so danceable to! Its catchy beat is great, we really liked it.

3. The lyrics

This songs it's a happy one, full of love and fun, it takes you to dance and forget about your problems at least for some minutes and enjoy the present of life, we love it and got the message of its lyrics!

The cool breeze wraps around us
A light swaying in the waves and brilliant blue
Get off the path
This moment together
Drive to the paradise

4. The performance

ASTRO had their showcase and with that it comes the performance of 'Cady Sugar Pop', we loooveee how the vocals sound live!!! And the coreography, OMG, we loved everything about it... You need to watch it and hear it yourself!

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