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5 times Camila Cabello proved to be a wonderful performer, these shows will blow your mind

Camila Cabello is one of the best performers of the moment. Don't you believe us? These awesome shows will change your mind.

We all knew even from her rookie days with Fifth Harmony that Camila Cabello was born to rock the stage. This gorgeous lady has been working really hard to build a successful career in the industry. Now, she is one of the most important pop singers in the game.

If we check her discography, we'll notice an obvious evolution. Her old singles sounded great but it was not easy to see her own color. Meanwhile, her latest albums are showing more of her true personality.

Without any doubt, we are in front of a super talented artist that is improving every single day. Just like her music, Cabello has been offering even better performances over the last few years.

We have collected some of her most powerful performances. Usually, she is pretty creative with the scenarios, outfits, and choreographies. Let's recall the best of her career. After watching these performances you will be joining her fandom.

The most powerful Camila Cabello performances

1. Living Proof - AMAs 2019

Living Proof is calm and sweet. However, the show is out of this world, especially the slow-motion dance.

2. Don't Go Yet MTV VMAs 2021

This show takes us into a retro movie. Is impossible not to dance to this energetic song. Also, the break dance is wonderful!

3. Señorita with Shawn Mendes - MTV VMAs 2019

We cannot leave without talking about this unforgettable duet. They didn't need too much, just their passion and stage presence to drive the crowd crazy.

4. UEFA Champions League Final 2022 Opening Ceremony

Here Cabello performed a medley of her best hits. The flawless production created an awesome festival.

5. Havana - GRAMMYs

She recreated a whole Latin neighborhood for this show. Also, we have to mention the shocking collaboration with Ricky Martin and J Balvin. Such an unforgettable moment!

Among these performances, which one is your favorite?

Camila Cabello has the best collaborations in the town. Read more about it here.

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