Curiosities about Song Kang that you should know Curiosities about Song Kang that you should know

5 Song Kang facts you should know if you are a fan of this K-drama star

Son Kang is now one of the most popular actors, so we tell you some curiosities about the young star.

Song Kang has stolen the public's heart because of his beautiful looks but also because of his amazing performances in the artistic medium. Anyone would fall in love with him when watching his work in K-dramas like "Love Alarm" where his character is a misunderstood heartthrob.

The actor has also shown us other facets as he has also adapted to other roles and genres of K-drama such as action, as he did in his drama "Sweet Home" where he played a young teenager named Cha Hyun-Soo.

Now his fans are waiting to see him in his new K-drama called "Forecasting Love and Weather" which is about to premiere and he will play the lead role in the series, playing a naive and somewhat clumsy but at the same time very intelligent man.

If you want to know more about this great actor, we recommend you not only to watch his work in other K-dramas, but also to know a little more about him, as he is now the most popular actor among young people and there are those who would love to have a date with the handsome Song Kang.

Curious facts about Song Kang

1. Song Kang's interesting facts

His debut was in the k-drama 'The Liar And His Lover', where he played Baek Jin Woo, the best friend of the main character. If you haven't watched this k-drama yet, you can't miss it, because besides being Song Kang's debut, this drama has a great story that you will love.

2. Song Kang and music

The actor besides K-dramas has appeared in some music videos such as Vibe's "Call me back", Suran's "Love Story" and The Ade's "Sweet Summer Night". Song Kang is also passionate about music as he can play guitar and piano.

3. Song Kang has produced some TV Shows

Song Kang has not only been an actor and model, he has also been a producer in TV shows such as "Tour Survival The Eight" and "Inkigayo". He also hosted the show and got to meet BTS, a band that he has previously mentioned that he likes a lot since the girls inspire a very good vibe in him.

4. His acting techniques

Song Kang revealed that when he worked on "Love Alarm" his partner Kim So Hyun helped him learn various acting techniques, which have helped him become a better actor and he has since applied them in all his performances.

5. Song Kang and BLACKPINK's Jennie

In a program Jennie from BLACKPINK and Song Kang coincided immediately it was noticed in front of the cameras the incredible chemistry between the two, so both fans of the actor and BLINK began to match them, although nothing happened between both artists, however they looked great together in the program.

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