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5 Reasons not to miss 'Euphoria', the series that is causing a sensation

The series has captivated thousands of people around the world

Euphoria has become one of the favorite series of the streaming platform audience because the series tells us about how difficult life as a teenager can be when having to deal with problems that can cause us a lot of psychological damage. Problems such as family dysfunction, sex, drugs and excessive use of social networks are the main theme of this dark and realistic series.

The adolescence that HBO reflects in its series is more than reality, it does not intend to show lives of luxury or exaggerated situations with which it will be impossible to compare the essence of today's adolescence. On the contrary, the series is more realistic and, above all, reflects what our current society is, with Zendaya as the protagonist, who has attracted attention in recent months.

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5 reasons why you have to see Euphoria

1. Real teenage problems

Capturing the essence of the existential problems of today's youth is a difficult problem to understand since times have changed and we cannot say that the problems we endured when we were young are the same as those of today. Euphoria has managed to perfectly capture real issues without going overboard.

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2. Character development

Each character is well detailed as to why they are the way they are. They not only focused on showing us the typical bully who annoys his peers just to attract attention or because he didn't have affection from his parents or the typical handsome man who mistreats his partners just because they haven't been able to understand him. Contrary to that, the series focused on giving us an explanation about the lives of its characters to understand them.

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3. The play of light colors

The play of light and its colors play an important role that you should not miss, and that is that it is well handled in important moments of each character. These colors range from purple, purple, yellow, red and are used at key moments, such as when they talk about sex, drugs, or a family problem. The fact of playing with lighting makes the series more striking and understandable.

Zendaya and Hunter Schafer 'Euphoria' | @HBOMax

4. Recording techniques

These techniques are also very well applied in the series because they give us the opportunity to understand a scene while the production plays a little with the type of camera focus. There are scenes recorded in a sequence shot that make the experience of the series different and cause emotion.

Zendaya 'Euphoria' | @HBOMax

5. Soundtrack

The soundtrack plays a very important role because the music is responsible for making us feel exactly how the characters are feeling. The use of this music is at the right and crucial moments in the development of the story and in this way it manages to cause empathy with what the character in question feels. Also as a curiosity, the chapters are titled some rap song.

Zendaya 'Euphoria' | @HBOMax

These are some reasons why we recommend you to watch Euphoria. If you haven't given it a chance yet, you can't waste time enjoying it and feeling part of this great story starring Zendaya and broadcast on HBO Max.

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